10 October 2013

You've seen Amsterdam and Copenhagen, now check out Groningen where 50% of trips are done by bike


One more awesome bike-friendly city to learn from

Every time I look at the bike culture and infrastructure in Copenhagen orAmsterdam, I feel inspired and hope that people around the world will learn from these great examples. There are many other great bike cities, but those two are generally at the top of most people's list, including mine. Well, thanks to this video (below) by our friend Clarence, I've just added Groningen to the top of my list.
They do amazing things that must be seen to be believed. Sit back and enjoy a look into what most dense cities should look like:
Clarence's remark about how quiet the city is reminds us that we don't have to live with noisy cities. As long as there are lots of people, some noise is impossible to avoid, but it could all be made much more pleasant if bicycles were central to how people get around in cities.

SF/Screen capture
What must be highlighted here, as with Amsterdam and Copenhagen and all other great bike cities, is that this didn't all happen by accident. There was a time when these weren't such great bike cities, and people decided to transform them. That's what we've started to see in some US cities like New York (a lot of work still left to do), which is encouraging. But we could do so much more.

SF/Screen capture

SF/Screen capture