9 October 2013

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Oliveira, Eduardo (2013), "Making Strategies in Destination Branding: What is the online tourism promotional material saying about Portugal?", Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Issues and Challenges in Tourism, 3-5 October, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey [ISBN 978-975-518-354-1].

The need for strategic thinking in destination branding has been demanded regarding the challenges tourism destinations are facing nowadays, such as at the digital level. The utilization of Information Communication Technology by tourism destinations, when well-articulated with a destination branding strategy, could be a driving force to improve their strategic positioning, competitiveness, and to optimise the benefits they derive from tourism. The aim of this paper is to explore developments in branding Portugal as a tourism destination, namely what the online tourism promotional material is saying about the country. We intend to contribute to the discussion concerning the best strategies for Destination Portugal.