25 September 2013

atest interview slot on PlacesBrands features Julian Stubbs of UP There, Everywhere!


UP! A chat with Julian Stubbs

Julian StubbsI caught up with Julian Stubbs, founder and senior brand strategist at global cloud-based agency UP There, Everywhere for a chat about place branding, Liverpool’s history, and why taxi drivers make great city ambassadors.
Sam: Hey Julian, thanks for talking to me today. So I know UP There Everywhere has a place branding arm called UP For Real. What are the benefits of working with a virtual team? 
Julian: UP There Everywhere is a truly globally mobile agency and we don’t believe in such things as offices or daily commutes. We believe these are things that waste time & energy that could be better spent creating. Our members work from wherever they want, and we all keep in touch regularly (usually 8 or 9 times a day) using tools like Skype or iChat. We also have a range of bespoke tools made especially for us.
UP has creative spaces in major cities (Stockholm, NY, Amsterdam with one upcoming in London), where our members can go to work in person on projects together and to meet clients. We also do a lot of work at client offices, such as when we give presentations (which we do frequently).  UP also has a careful vetting process for candidates to make sure they can cope with the working style, because although it’s great it’s not for everyone.
Sam: I love the virtual working concept, I feel it’s the way of the future. In fact, wasn’t Sweden recently named one of the world’s most innovative nations. Do you agree with this and why/why not?
Julian: Sweden is usually among at least the top 3 most innovative and has been for a long time. I completely agree that it’s a highly innovative country, mainly because as a small nation it can adapt to change quickly, it’s not afraid of big decisions and it has a good fibre optics system in place. In comparison to the UK, for example, where big decisions take longer to make, and those in power are often reluctant to move away from the country’s long history. Being stuck in history like this makes it much more difficult for them to look to the future. I also believe the UK has long been struggling with a crisis of identity, which hasn’t helped matters.
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