25 September 2013

International conference on “Interregional Place Branding”

We just submitted a abstract to the: International conference on “Interregional Place Branding” to be held in Lübeck Business Development Corporation (Germany) on the 3rd of March 2014.

Title and abstract afterwards.


atest interview slot on PlacesBrands features Julian Stubbs of UP There, Everywhere!


UP! A chat with Julian Stubbs

Julian StubbsI caught up with Julian Stubbs, founder and senior brand strategist at global cloud-based agency UP There, Everywhere for a chat about place branding, Liverpool’s history, and why taxi drivers make great city ambassadors.
Sam: Hey Julian, thanks for talking to me today. So I know UP There Everywhere has a place branding arm called UP For Real. What are the benefits of working with a virtual team? 
Julian: UP There Everywhere is a truly globally mobile agency and we don’t believe in such things as offices or daily commutes. We believe these are things that waste time & energy that could be better spent creating. Our members work from wherever they want, and we all keep in touch regularly (usually 8 or 9 times a day) using tools like Skype or iChat. We also have a range of bespoke tools made especially for us.
UP has creative spaces in major cities (Stockholm, NY, Amsterdam with one upcoming in London), where our members can go to work in person on projects together and to meet clients. We also do a lot of work at client offices, such as when we give presentations (which we do frequently).  UP also has a careful vetting process for candidates to make sure they can cope with the working style, because although it’s great it’s not for everyone.
Sam: I love the virtual working concept, I feel it’s the way of the future. In fact, wasn’t Sweden recently named one of the world’s most innovative nations. Do you agree with this and why/why not?
Julian: Sweden is usually among at least the top 3 most innovative and has been for a long time. I completely agree that it’s a highly innovative country, mainly because as a small nation it can adapt to change quickly, it’s not afraid of big decisions and it has a good fibre optics system in place. In comparison to the UK, for example, where big decisions take longer to make, and those in power are often reluctant to move away from the country’s long history. Being stuck in history like this makes it much more difficult for them to look to the future. I also believe the UK has long been struggling with a crisis of identity, which hasn’t helped matters.
- See more at: http://placesbrands.com/up-a-chat-with-julian-stubbs/#sthash.LzaQuoIw.dpuf

Tourism board makes the best of a ‘Bad’ situation

The Future of Social Media & Destination Marketing

In this infographic we examine the power of social media in the tourism industry. Social media is a powerful tool for consumers planning trips and can be an even more effective tool for destination marketers striving to drive new visitors. In this infographic we highlight the buying process for the typical vacation buyer along with the touch points in which brands using social media can influence their buying decisions.
The infographic below uses stats from various tourism research studies and our own research from a week of analyzing social media conversations on Twitter. Over the course of only five days, we were able to capture a sample size of more than 100,000 conversations and decipher which of those conversations had signal and which of those were simply noise. As a result, we were able to find very interesting insights and intelligence as it relates to brands missing out on potential sales along with insights into travel planning and buying behaviour.

24 September 2013

Olympic Sochi: Weighing Pros and Cons for Brand Russia

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Viola Serdyukova


Travel for Impact

We are working together with individual or collectively run projects whether in the form of social enterprises or community-based activities, to identify opportunities, skill gaps, cultivate thought leadership and connect them to impact investors. 

We believe it is important to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs and community projects to come together and share their expertise. Whether you’re ready to lend a hand as a professional (pro bono) or as a patient capital investor in addressing a wide variety of social and environmental challenges, we would love to hear from you.


Your contribution

The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines

16 September 2013

Future of Places (playlist)

Making Strategies in Destination Branding: What is the online tourism promotional material saying about Portugal?

The need for strategic thinking in destination branding has been demanded regarding the challenges tourism destinations are facing nowadays, such as at the digital level. The utilization of Information Communication Technology by tourism destinations, when well-articulated with a destination branding strategy, could be a driving force to improve their strategic positioning, competitiveness, and to optimise the benefits they derive from tourism. The aim of this paper is to explore developments in branding Portugal as a tourism destination, namely what the online tourism promotional material is saying about the country. We intend to contribute to the discussion concerning the best strategies for Destination Portugal.


3-5 October 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

13 September 2013

Econometrics courses using Stata.

Timberlake (Portugal) and CEF.UP (U. Porto) are jointly organizing a set of applied Econometrics courses using Stata.

The aim of these courses is to familiarize the participants with the basic econometric tools commonly used in applied research. The courses include a quick discussion of the relevant econometric theory as well as an in-depth discussion of empirical applications using real data.

Course Outline * 

Day 1 - ModuleData Management and Regression analysis (OLS, GLS)
Day 2 - ModuleIV and Panel Data Models
Day 3 - ModuleDiscrete Choice Models
Day 4 - ModuleDuration Models
* You can choose any combination of days / Modules 

The course is designed for Academic Staff and Master/PhD students with basic knowledge on statistics, econometrics and Stata. The course is also of interest to other Professionals with an interest on data analysis from an econometric perspective. Practitioners who are interested in learning advanced techniques and raise their awareness of applied econometric methodologies will greatly benefit from this course. The course will be taught in English. 
Course Instructors 

Anabela Carneiro , FEP and CEF.UP, Universidade do Porto
João Cerejeira , Escola de Economia e Gestão and NIPE, Universidade do Minho
Miguel Portela , Escola de Economia e Gestão and NIPE, Universidade do Minho
José Varejão , FEP and CEF.UP, Universidade do Porto

For further details please visit the event website: 
2014 Econometrics Winter School using Stata 

To register please contact:
TimberlakeTagus Park - Edifício Núcleo Central - Escritório 481
(2740-122 Oeiras)
Email: info@timberlake.pt
Tel: (+351) 21 424 01 43 

Special issue in European Planning Studies Spatial planning and place branding: rethinking relations and synergies

Introduction:  Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen and Eduardo Oliveira  Rethinking planning-branding relations: an introduction . https:...