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Guest article: Sustainable architecture and socio-cultural dynamics: what keeps the Bazaar of Tabriz alive?

By Arezou Mohammadi Kalan*
Do you ever heard about the city of Tabriz? Where is located and the richness of their architecture, such as the Bazaar? Or the pioneer events the city developed throughout the history of Iran?  

The oldest map of the city of Tabriz, 16th century. Source: MatrakçıNasuh
Setting the scene There are almost endless possibilities to write about the city of Tabriz, considered the Iran’s West Gate due to its geographical location. For this reason, the city has been the house of several modern structures and the host of special occasions, pioneers and events. The inhabitants of Tabriz have regarded to be the first to adopt the modern life style in Iran and that as resulted in great innovations and pioneering: The first Iranian publishing house was founded in Tabriz (1811):The first Iranian chamber of commerce (1906);The first Iranian modern school (1988);The first Iranian coin mint began operating in Tabriz;The first Iranian public library was also founded in this city…

Report on: Design Principles of Eco-Town (by Arezou Mohammadi Kalan)

by Arezou Mohammadi Kalan

With the growth of population, more resources and energy are consumed and as a result Environmental population increases. The energy crisis and global changes in environment. Caused sustainability to become the main concern of many groups. It is comprehensive and environmentally-conscious topic in which different concerns such as design ,material, cost, energy, heating and cooling and environmental quality are interconnectedin the interest of physical durability and creating a functional structure which meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their.

Design  sustainability implies the use of intelligent technology, innovative construction method, ecologically-friendly material and use of environmentally friendly energy resources. This term leads to location-specific architecture by responding the local climate condition and local material. Sustainable architecture is work of choosing how we want to live (with an…

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The Digital Tourism Brand Index

The Digital Tourism Brand Index is a 200+ point benchmark looking at how Destination Marketing Organisations are working in the digital landscape. The index looks at every aspect of the industry’s digital performance, from their overall strategy to the depth and extensiveness of content produced and distributed. The 2013 Index is based on SE1 Media’s own in-depth research conducted over a 3 month period in early 2013, and measures 45 European National Tourism Organisations highlighting latest trends and giving useful insights into what the European tourism industry is doing right now.

Building the British brand

Rankings - Country by Country


International Conference on Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, and Tourism (ICHLST 2014)

International Conference on Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, and Tourism (ICHLST 2014)

New Delhi, India, February 6-8, 2014

ICHLST 2014 is to be held at the National Law University, Delhi, India. The aim of the conference is to provide a 

forum for research collaboration and sharing of research experience. We invite scholars from related fields to join 

us. Authors are invited to submit papers or abstracts across a wide spectrum not only in hospitality, leisure, 

sport, and tourism but also in the other related areas such as recreation, anthropology, economics, education

, environment, geography, history, landscape architecture, management, marketing, psychology, etc.

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Sponsored by:

International Business Academics Consortium (iBAC)

National Law University Delhi, India

International Conference: Sustainability Issues and Challenges in Tourism

Dear author This message is to confirm that your full paper is accepted to the International Conference: Sustainability Issues and Challenges in Tourism to be presented in Istanbul between the 3-5 October 2013 and published in the Conference Proceedings. 

To Shout Or To Hashtag? Digital Challenges in Destination Branding - See more at:

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To Shout Or To Hashtag? Digital Challenges in Destination Branding photo credit: chollingsworth3 via photopincc by Eduardo Oliveira When was the last time you visited a travel agent? Or when was the last time you selected your holiday destination after reading a travel catalogue? We live in an era where the internet has revolutionised our travel planning process. Nearly 183 million European internet users visited a travel web site in March 2013. 76% of users booked their travels through the internet. With this in mind, what are the challenges for tourism destinations and the destination branding process? Should they keep ‘shouting’ their tourism potential by using ‘traditional’ marketing campaigns, such as catalogues, paper magazines ads, TV spots? The aim of this post is to discuss the use of digital platforms by tourism destinations and the impact of digital upon the destination branding …