Brand Colombia Resurgent: Interview with Marca País Colombia by Sam

Brand Colombia Resurgent: Interview with Marca País Colombia

by Sam

Marca País Colombia
Daniel Reyes is the Chief Communications Officer for Marca País Colombia, the official Colombian country branding agency. PlacesBrands chats to him about the recent resurgence of Brand Colombia, overcoming past challenges, innovative social media use, and the city of Medellín.
Hi Daniel, thanks for doing this interview. I’ve been following Colombia’s branding efforts for some time now, and I've been impressed with the innovative use of social media to communicate new branding messages to a global audience. I've noticed a positive patriotic spirit among many young Colombians that has sparked independent promotional initiatives such as the highly successful “‘It’s COLOMBIA, not Columbia”, social media campaign. This campaign, with over 10,000 followers, aims to address the country's commonly misspelt name, and reinforce Colombian identity and pride in the process.

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