7 May 2013

Progress in Human Geography Online Table of Contents Alert

2013 Progress in Human Geography Essay Prize
Noel Castree, Sarah Elwood, Rob Kitchin, Chris Philo, Kristian Stokke, and Sue Roberts
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 329

Where governance fails: Advanced business services and the offshore world
Dariusz Wójcik
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 330-347

On the varying ontologies of capitalism: Embeddedness, dispossession, subsumption
Ugo Rossi
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 348-365

Geographies of the illicit: Globalization and organized crime
Tim Hall
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 366-385

Geography and the visual image: A hauntological approach
Elisabeth Roberts
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 386-402

Gendering capital: Financial crisis, financialization and (an agenda for) economic geography
Jane Pollard
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 403-423

Progress reports
Geographies of circulation and exchange III: The great crisis and marketization ‘after markets’
Marc Boeckler and Christian Berndt
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 424-432

Cultural geography I: Materialist turns
Scott Kirsch
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 433-441

Geography and education III: Update on the development of school geography in England under the Coalition Government
Christine Winter
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 442-451

Classics in human geography revisited
Classics in human geography revisited
John Agnew
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 452-454

Commentary 2: Making space for power?
Harriet Bulkeley
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 454-456

Commentary 3: The prescience of Lost Geographies of Power
Mark Haugaard
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 456-458

Author’s response: The difference that space makes
John Allen
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 458-460

Book review
Book review: Critical Reflections on Regional Competitiveness: Theory, Policy, Practice
John Harrison
Prog Hum Geogr 2013;37 461-462

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