Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert

A new issue of Urban Studies is available online:
Special Issue: Cities, Urbanisation and Climate Change:
May 2013; Vol. 50, No. 7 

The below Table of Contents is available online at: http://usj.sagepub.com/content/vol50/issue7/?etoc

Special Issue Introduction
Cities, Urbanisation and Climate Change
Aidan While and Mark Whitehead
Urban Stud 2013;50 1325-1331

Special Issue Articles
Cities and Climate Change: The Precedents and Why They Matter
Michael Hebbert and Vladimir Jankovic
Urban Stud 2013;50 1332-1347

Neoliberal Urban Environmentalism and the Adaptive City: Towards a Critical Urban Theory and Climate Change
Mark Whitehead
Urban Stud 2013;50 1348-1367

The Uneven Localisation of Climate Action in Metropolitan Seattle
Yonn Dierwechter and Anne Taufen Wessells
Urban Stud 2013;50 1368-1385

The Socio-institutional Dynamics of Urban Climate Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Innovation and Change in Durban (KZN, South Africa) and Portland (OR, USA)
Alex Aylett
Urban Stud 2013;50 1386-1402

The Intermediary Organisation of Low Carbon Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Transitions in Greater London and Greater Manchester
Michael Hodson, Simon Marvin, and Harriet Bulkeley
Urban Stud 2013;50 1403-1422

Grassroots Localisation? The Scalar Potential of and Limits of the ‘Transition’ Approach to Climate Change and Resource Constraint
Peter North and Noel Longhurst
Urban Stud 2013;50 1423-1438

Discursive Framings of Low Carbon Urban Transitions: The Contested Geographies of ‘Satellite Settlements’ in the Czech Republic
Saska Petrova, Darina Posová, Adam House, and Ludek Sykora
Urban Stud 2013;50 1439-1455

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