21 March 2013

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert
A new issue of Urban Studies is available online:
April 2013; Vol. 50, No. 5 
The below Table of Contents is available online at: http://usj.sagepub.com/content/vol50/issue5/?etoc

Introducing Policy Reviews
Mark Stephens
Urban Stud 2013;50 855

Policy Review
The Housing Market Renewal Programme: Origins, Outcomes and the Effectiveness of Public Policy Interventions in a Volatile Market
Philip Leather and Brendan Nevin
Urban Stud 2013;50 856-875

‘Ripple’ Effects in South African House Prices
Mehmet Balcilar, Abebe Beyene, Rangan Gupta, and Monaheng Seleteng
Urban Stud 2013;50 876-894

Regional House Prices and the Ripple Effect in Malaysia
Hooi Hooi Lean and Russell Smyth
Urban Stud 2013;50 895-922

Trajectories of Multidimensional Neighbourhood Quality of Life Change
Elizabeth Delmelle, Jean-Claude Thill, Owen Furuseth, and Thomas Ludden
Urban Stud 2013;50 923-941

Exploring Change in Local Regeneration Areas: Evidence from the New Deal for Communities Programme in England
Paul Lawless and Christina Beatty
Urban Stud 2013;50 942-958

Variations between Organisations and Localities in Government Funding of Third-sector Activity: Evidence from the National Survey of Third-sector Organisations in England
David Clifford, Frida Geyne-Rahme, and John Mohan
Urban Stud 2013;50 959-976

Elected Neighbourhood Officers in a Turkish City (Izmir): Gendered Local Participation in Governance
Fatma Senol
Urban Stud 2013;50 977-993

Le Goût des Autres: Gentrification Told by Children
Jean-Yves Authier and Sonia Lehman-Frisch
Urban Stud 2013;50 994-1010

Place Stratification or Spatial Assimilation? Neighbourhood Quality Changes after Residential Mobility for Migrants in Germany
Philipp M. Lersch
Urban Stud 2013;50 1011-1029

Knowledge-based Development in Leading Regions across the Globe: An Exploratory Analysis of the co-Evolution of Resources, Capabilities and Outputs
Robert Huggins and Hiro Izushi
Urban Stud 2013;50 1030-1048

Urban Inequality and Political Recruitment
Per Strömblad and Gunnar Myrberg
Urban Stud 2013;50 1049-1065

Branding the City: The Democratic Legitimacy of a New Mode of Governance
Jasper Eshuis and Arthur Edwards
Urban Stud 2013;50 1066-1082

Book Reviews
Book Review: Cities in Translation: Intersections of Language and Memory
Urban Stud 2013;50 1083-1085

Book Review: Beyond the Resources of Poverty: Gecekondu Living in the Turkish Capital
Urban Stud 2013;50 1085-1087

Book Review: The Principles of Green Urbanism: Transforming the City for Sustainability
Urban Stud 2013;50 1087-1089

Book Review: Social Sustainability in Urban Areas: Communities, Connectivity and the Urban Fabric
Urban Stud 2013;50 1089-1092