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Interview with Eduardo Oliveira, PhD Researcher at Uni. Groningen by // Hi Eduardo, thanks for joining us today. I’m excited about talking with you! First of all, I’m curious to know what sparked your interest in place branding, and spurred you on to study it as a PhD? Samantha, let me start with a warm thank you for this interview. I’m happy for another opportunity to contribute to the discussion around the absolutely hot topic of place branding. (...) read more

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Portugal, Portugueses


Three perfect days in Braga, Portugal

Three perfect days in Braga, Portugal original source and all credits

The Two Most Effective Media Relations Tactics for 2013

Heineken - The Candidate


Oh Lisbon, You're Sexy and You Know It


Reblog - Some thoughts on the Place Management and Place Branding Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University

BY | 18/02/2013 · 09:31 ↓ Jump to Comments - all creditsby Ares Kalandides Back to everyday life after almost a week in Manchester, I will try to write down my thoughts on the conference while they’re still fresh. One reasoon I enoyed it immensely was that it was organized almost entirely by Prof. Cathy Parker from the Manchester Met, so that I could relax and be part of it. 100 delegates from several continents spent two intensive days (not to mention the nights) together talking, discussing, presenting and arguing over place management, place marketing and branding. Here are some of the things I got from it: First, it is worth evaluating the main idea of the conference, i.e.  bringing together Place Management and Place Marketing. What kept coming to my mind was David Harvey’s 1990 text “From the managerial to the entrepreneurial city”. It s…



Place branding and Place management conference

Manchester Metropolitan University

Azerbaijan -- Land of the Future, Davos 2013


PhD Student Participation Scholarship to KCWS-2013

Dear colleagues,

Please find enclosed Call for Papers for the PhD Consortium that will be held as part of The Istanbul Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS-2013). The PhD Consortium will take place on the first day of the summit (9 Sep 2013). Summit organisers will be providing a full scholarship award to cover the cost of travel, accommodation and summit registration of a PhD student. See enclosed flier and the summit website www.kcws2013.orgfor more info.

Abstracts for the PhD Consortium and the Summit are due 15 Feb 2013.

Car free inner city of 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)