Planning Theory Online Table of Contents Alert

Planning Theory Online Table of Contents Alert
A new issue of Planning Theory is available online:
February 2013; Vol. 12, No. 1 
The below Table of Contents is available online at:

Michael Gunder
Planning Theory 2013;12 3-4

On the theory and practice of critical pragmatism: Deliberative practice and creative negotiations
John Forester
Planning Theory 2013;12 5-22

Using Actor–Network Theory to understand planning practice: Exploring relationships between actants in regulating low-carbon commercial development
Yvonne Rydin
Planning Theory 2013;12 23-45

Reframing strategic spatial planning by using a coproduction perspective
Louis Albrechts
Planning Theory 2013;12 46-63

Being and becoming: Writing children into planning theory
Judy Gillespie
Planning Theory 2013;12 64-80

Planning and the ‘stubborn realities’ of global south-east cities: Some emerging ideas
Vanessa Watson
Planning Theory 2013;12 81-100

Book review symposium
Insurgencies: Essays in planning theory
Angelique Chettiparamb, Judith E. Innes, ER Alexander, Charles Hoch, Kang Cao, and Richard D Margerum
Planning Theory 2013;12 101-112

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