5th Advances in Tourism Marketing (ATMC) Conference

Theme: Marketing Space and Place: Shifting Tourist Flows

Submission Deadline: Extended abstract (no more than 2,000 words) - 15 March 2013

Keynote Speakers: Chris Ryan, Alan Lew, Carminda Cavaco, Juergen Gnoth

Organised once a two years period, this conference aims to discuss and bridge the gap between tourism space and place. Space expresses fluidity or contingency, whereas place implies interaction between individuals and the physical location. As space is transformed into place, tourism is all about the reality of experiences that impact flows and impacts.

This conference therefore seeks to analyze tourism as a subjective, performative action contextualized by the geographical and socio-cultural characteristics of destinations. Boldly questioning the scope and truth of Urry’s gaze (1990) or Boorstin (1961) who see tourists’ postmodern condition as a “trivial, superficial, frivolous pursuit of vicarious, contrived experiences, a ‘pseudo-event”, the conference looks for contributions that deconstruct how space takes form in different physical, cognitive, social, and emotional dimensions resulting from interactions between tourists and hosts’ places.

Given that spatial behaviour is intertwined with tourists’ own emotional connection to a given place, is place attachment truly just a contrived and commercially generated notion of feelings of attachment or embeddedness in a place? To what extent do tourists create this attachment by way of routes and itineraries (Clifford, 1992)? How does this spatial activity coalesce with their search for authenticity in new places (MacCanell, 1973; Cresswell, 1997; Löfgren, 1999). Boldly questioning the contrived nature of tourism, this conference is expected to contribute to our understanding of how tourism experiences scale spaces to co-create places and the extent to which hosts and guests perceive the same place. We particularly welcome paper submissions addressing issues such as:

Tourism experiences
Places and Spaces
Marketing tourism places and spaces
Tourism geography behavioural patterns
Tourist behaviour
Geographical information systems (GIS)
and other subjects of tourism, hospitality and leisure marketing.

Authors are encouraged to submit their abstracts in a WORD file attachment to Antónia Correia (ahcorreia@gmail.comor5atmconference@gmail.com ). Abstracts should follow the IMRAD concept (Introduction, Methods & materials, Research And results, Discussion).

Qualifying papers (e.g. upon recommendation of the scientific committee) will be invited for submission to Tourism Management Perspectives, Anatolia, Tourism Analysis, and Tourism Geographies to be considered and reviewed as a special issue and additionally a selected list of papers will be published in an edited book due by an international publisher. The selected papers of previous conferences have appeared in a series of book proposals by Elsevier, Routledge, Goodfellows, and Cambridge Scholars.
Conference co-chairs:
Luisa Andreu, University of Valencia, Spain
Antonia Correia, University of Algarve, Portugal
Alan Fyall, University of Central Florida, USA
Juergen Gnoth, University of Otago, NZ
Metin Kozak, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey
Sonja Liebe, University of Maribor, Slovenia

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