3rd International Place Branding and 2nd International Place Management Conference 
(14th and 15th February 2013)


The Business of Place: Critical, Pragmatic and Practical Perspectives

Place branding, place management, place marketing, strategic spatial development, public-private partnerships, town teams, all synonyms describing one thing - the application of business principles to place.  The language and conventions of business and marketing have spread across the world, to places of all scales, from district centre management through to nation branding.

Manchester Metropolitan University is delighted to host the leading international academics and practitioners for a two-day conference in February 2013 (14th-15th). The conference has been specially planned to bring the theory and practice of making places better to a wider audience, and is therefore, specifically relevant to practitioners of place management and marketing, including town centre managers, inward investment agencies, planners, economic development managers as well as volunteers and other champions of place improvement in specific locations.  Various aspects of place management will be explored such as the role of community and residents, the branding and emotional aspects of place,
As many of the sessions will run in parallel, delegates will have a wide choice of presentations to choose from and can design their own programme to meet their specific development goals.
For day delegates – the draft programme for Friday 15th February is published below (the full programme will be published as soon as possible).  The 15th February programme is particularly relevant to practitioners and policy makers.
Bookings can be made at http://www.business.mmu.ac.uk/place/book.php
Session 1 – Place Attractiveness, Distinctiveness and Perceptions of Place
“The pursuit of distinctiveness. Can all places be distinctive?” by Dr Cecilia Pasquinelli, Uppsala University, Sweden.
“Constituents of place attractiveness among young citizens in metro and rural areas” by Dr Anders Parmant and Dr Sara Brorström, Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden.
“My place is not your place – Different place brand knowledge by different target groups”  by Sebastian Zenker and Suzanne Beckmann (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands and  Copenhagen Business School, Denmark).
Session 2 – Improving Town and City Centres: Strategies and Tactics
“Moving from tactics to strategy: city intervention practices and their strategic insight” Irina Shafranskaya, Higher School of Economics, Russia.
“Recapturing public space” by Mike Edwards, Chicago Loop Alliance, USA.
“Revitalization of city centres in Portugal: the Commercial Urbanism Programmes” Pedro Porfírio Guimarães, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.
Session 3 – Place Brand Architecture, Equity and Measurement
“Brand architecture In place branding” by Sonya Hanna Azad (Bangor University, Wales) and Professor Jenny Rowley (Manchester Metropolitan University, England)
“Place brand equity – implementation of the concept on examples of two Polish cities” by Dr Magdalena Florek, Poznań University of Economics, Poland.
“Development of a loyalty measurement model  for city branding” by Aleksandra Khamadieva, Higher School of Economics University, Russia.
Session 4 – Place Management: Capacity and Inclusion
“Developing a collective capacity for place management” by Dr Tore Omholt, Norwegian School of Management, Norway.
“Place marketing and citizen participation: applying branding to address the emotional dimension of place management?” by Dr Jasper Eshuis, Professor  Erik-Hans Klijn and Dr Erik Braun, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
“The South Australian Metropolitan and Regional Place Management Framework (SAMR PMF) Pilot Study” Stuart Heseltine, Hemisphere Design, Australia.

Session 5 – Digital and Smart Cities
“International positioning of large metropolitan cities using digital marketing”, Emma Björner, Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden.
“The practices of brand appropriation on the digital sphere - An analysis of the process of appropriation of the place brand “Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia” by Andrea Lucarelli, Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden.
“Smart Cities – brand cities of the future” by Anna Augustyn, University of Bialystok, Poland.
Session 6 – Making Sense of Place Marketing
“On the Marketing of Dutch Cities - the Birth of a Discipline?” by Dr. Martin Boisen, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
“Driving Forces and Effects of Urbanization: Implications for Place Branding in Metro and Rural areas” by Dr Anders Parmant and Dr Sara Brorström, Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden.
“Selling places in the changing environment: post-accession investment promotion in Central-Eastern European regions” by Dr Paweł Capik, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
Session 7 – Improving Places through Activation and Integration
“New Third Places?: Case Studies of Open Space Festivals” by Clayton Hawkins and Lee-Anne Ryan, University of Tasmania, Australia.
“Symbiosis: preserving identity and managing brand by integrating tourism uses into traditional Mediterranean landscapes” by Thomas Doxiadis, University of Manchester, UK.
“An analytic approach towards greenways as a cornerstone to develop methods and concepts for enhancing visual quality of places” by Fereshteh Habib, American University of Girne, Cyprus.

Session 8 – Place Image, Identity and Emotion
“Macau as an international brand: An investigation of brand identity” by Sonia Hoi Teng Lun, University of Sheffield, UK.
“Can private firms create and promote an image for a place? The gastronomic identity of Messolonghi, Greece” by Ioannis Evagelou and Andreas Tsiliras, Human Earth, Greece.
“Drawing Emotions” by Emanuela Zilo, Digital Distillery, Italy.

Session 9 – Place Branding : A Spatial Perspective

“Place branding and strategic planning: Towards a conceptual model to brand regions” by Eduardo Oliveira, University of Gronigen, The Netherlands.

“Place-branding through an historic city network - a case of the Hansa” by Professor Graeme Evans, Brunel University UK.

“Branding nested places: the 150th anniversary of Italian unification in Turin” by Dr Massimo Giovanardi, University of Urbino, Italy.

Conference Fee (all prices include VAT)

Day Delegate £215
IPM Member Day Delegate £190
Full Conference Price  £425
Full conference - IPM Member  £375

For day delegates wishing to attend the Conference Dinner on the 14th February then this can be booked for an additional £60 including VAT.
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