19th APDR Congress

19th APDR Congress
University of Minho, Braga (Portugal), 20-22 June 2013

It is our pleasure to announce the 19th APDR Congress, to be held at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, from June 20th to June 22nd2013. A joint initiative with the Innovaflow Conference.

Theme of the Congress:


Place-based policies aim at solving persistent under-use of resources and reduce enduring social exclusion in specific places. This is achieved through external interventions and multi-level governance devoted to promote the supply of integrated goods and services tailored to specific regional contexts and to stimulate institutional changes (Barca, 2009). How to design and assess these policies? How to integrate sustainable development strategies when most policies are sectoral and problematic places do not have adequate institutions? How to promote institutional capital at the local and regional levels? How to move beyond the established administrative boundaries toward functional places? How to learn from the failures of former regional policies that promoted regions in crisis? During the congress, participants and reputed specialists will try to answer some of these questions.

This year's congress will count on a group of Special Sessions organized by several members of the Scientific Committee of the Congress on specific themes of regional science. The papers presented in these Special Sessions result from invitations addressed by the organizers and are not therefore open to submissions.

Special Sessions
·         SS1 - Tourism and Regional Development José Cadima Ribeiro (U Minho) 
·         SS2 - Public Finances and Regional Development José Costa (U Porto) 
·         SS3 - The Regional Development Policies in Portugal in the Framework of Cohesion Policy Rui Nuno Baleiras (U Minho) 
·         SS4 - Models of Regional Analysis - Input-Output Applications Ana Lúcia Sargento (IP Leiria) 
·         SS5 - Governance and Regional Development Adriano Pimpão (U Algrave) 
·         SS6 - Major Events and Regional DevelopmentPaula Cristina Remoaldo (U Minho) 
·         SS7 - Urban World in 2050 Eduardo Anselmo Castro (U Aveiro) 
·         SS8 - Territorial Cohesion in the EURegina Salvador (U Nova) 
·         SS9 - Regional Innovation Systems and Regional Development Mário Rui Silva (U Porto)
·         SS10 - Air Transport and Regional Development Jorge Silva (U Beira Interior)
·         SS11 - Social Spaces: A New Literature of Regional EconomyPaulo Mourão (U Minho)
·         SS12 - The Financing of Transport Infrastructure and its Framework in Regional Development Rosário Macário (IST-UTL)
·         SS13 - Education, Labour Market and Regional Development João Carlos Cerejeira (U Minho)
·         SS14 - Markets of Housing and Urban Development João Marques (U Aveiro)
·         SS15 - Agricultural Policies: How to Integrate Sectoral and Territorial Objectives Lívia Madureira (UTAD)
·         SS16 - Located Food Systems: New Dynamics and Challenges Artur Cristovão (UTAD)
·         SS17 - Networks and Regional DevelopmentAnabela Ribeiro (U Coimbra)
·         SS18 - Public Policies and Regional DevelopmentPaulo Neto (U Évora)
·         SS19 - Entrepreneurship and Regional DevelopmentLuísa Carvalho (IP Setúbal) & Pedro Dominguinhos (IP  Setúbal)
·         SS20 - Renaissance of Southern European RegionsMaria Conceição Rego (U Évora)

The call for papers is open and your participation is very welcome. 

Themes of specific interest are:
·         Bartolomeu Award
·         Urban and Regional Economics
·         Regional and Local Development Policies
·         Financing of Economic Growth
·         Spatial Dimensions of the Crisis of the State
·         Regional and Local Public Finance
·         Sectoral Policies and Regional Dynamics
·         Infrastructure and Regional Development
·         Labour Markets and Development
·         Tourism and Sustainable Development
·         Innovation and Territory
·         Rural Development and Agrarian Economy
·         Modelling in Regional Economy
·         Spatial Econometrics
·         Regional and Urban Planning
·         Economics of Environmental and Natural Resources
·         Innovation Networks in Portugal: Flow Intensity, Knowledge Spillovers and Firm Performances (Innovaflow Conference

Deadline for submissions: April 1st, 2013. Abstracts should be submitted electronically, using the platform available on the Conference website:

Notification of acceptance: until April 17th, 2013.

Looking forward to meeting you in Braga!

Francisco Carballo-Cruz
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee
19th APDR Congress

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