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Regional Integration: Europe, the Mediterranean and the World Economy

Regional Integration: Europe, the Mediterranean
and the World Economy
Palermo, Italy, 27-31 August 2013 

Dear ERSA Members, Dear Colleagues, We're excited to announce the launch of the CALL for abstracts / papers, to the ERSA Congress 2013 in Palermo. The Local Organising Committee and the Italian Section of the European Regional Science Association is looking forward to welcoming you in Palermo. 
The University of Palermo invites you to the ERSA Congress in 2013


The Rector of the University of Palermo, Professor Roberto Lagallaand the Chair of the Local Organising Committee, Professor Fabio Mazzola are happy to announce a very attractive Congress programme with an appealing list of General themes and Special Sessions' topics to attract top level academics / policy makers and other persons from around the world, to an enriching network of experience and knowledge. 

Submit a paper …

Big Wave Surfing Nazare Portugal 28.01.2013 - Trailer


Journal of Vacation Marketing Online Table of Contents Alert

EditorialEditorialIsabelle Frochot and John SwarbrookeJournal of Vacation Marketing 2013;19 3
ArticlesAlive and kicking: Evaluating the overseas package holiday experience of grey consumers in the United KingdomBridget Major and Fraser McLeayJournal of Vacation Marketing 2013;19 5-18
Toward an identification of elements contributing to satisfaction with the tourism experienceCécile Maunier and Christéle CamelisJournal of Vacation Marketing 2013;19 19-39
Determining factors of mountain destination innovativenessKir KuscerJournal of Vacation Marketing 2013;19 41-54
Internet versus travel agencies: The perception of different groups of Italian online buyersGiacomo Del ChiappaJournal of Vacation Marketing 2013;19 55-66
Communicating persuasive messages t…

19th APDR Congress

19th APDR Congress University of Minho, Braga (Portugal), 20-22 June 2013
It is our pleasure to announce the 19th APDR Congress, to be held at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, from June 20th to June 22nd2013. A joint initiative with the Innovaflow Conference.
Theme of the Congress:
Place-based policies aim at solving persistent under-use of resources and reduce enduring social exclusion in specific places. This is achieved through external interventions and multi-level governance devoted to promote the supply of integrated goods and services tailored to specific regional contexts and to stimulate institutional changes (Barca, 2009). How to design and assess these policies? How to integrate sustainable development strategies when most policies are sectoral and problematic places do not have adequate institutions? How to promote institutional capital at the local and regional levels? How to move beyond the established administra…

Regional Development Concepts and their inherent contradictions

Regional Development Concepts and their inherent contradictionsby Ares
A landscape of wind turbines in the Niederlausitz. In the background, the chimneys of Jänschwalde powerplant by Ares Kalandides Every planning process has its own particular logic, which depends both on the culture it is embedded in and the particularities of the project. Today, I would like to reflect upon a process I have been involved in for the past 15 months or so, which is now coming to a close: a Regional Development Concept (REK) for a part of the Niederlausitz area in northeast Germany. An  interdisciplinary team of almost ten people worked in identifying new development potentials for an area with serious structural issues. After analyzing  several aspects of the region, demography, economy, culture, environment,  the group proposed a strategic development plan to foster growth potentials that included economic, touristic and leisure-oriented activities*. My aim here is not to give a detailed acount of thi…

Portugal tem a 21ª melhor marca turística do mundo | Publituris

Planning Theory Online Table of Contents Alert

Planning Theory Online Table of Contents Alert A new issue of Planning Theory is available online:February 2013; Vol. 12, No. 1 
The below Table of Contents is available online at:
EditorialEditorialMichael GunderPlanning Theory 2013;12 3-4
ArticlesOn the theory and practice of critical pragmatism: Deliberative practice and creative negotiationsJohn ForesterPlanning Theory 2013;12 5-22
Using Actor–Network Theory to understand planning practice: Exploring relationships between actants in regulating low-carbon commercial developmentYvonne RydinPlanning Theory 2013;12 23-45
Reframing strategic spatial planning by using a coproduction perspectiveLouis AlbrechtsPlanning Theory 2013;12 46-63
Being and becoming: Writing children into planning theoryJudy Gilles…

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Guimarães after the European Culture Capital

Official publication

Editor, Ares Kalandides

Guimarães after the European Culture Capital

Source: by Eduardo Oliveira The curtain has now closed on Guimarães 2012: European Capital of Culture, but what is the effect of the legacy left behind? Has the event strengthened the region position? What contributions have been made towards a potential place branding strategy for the north of Portugal? Last May 2012 I discussed my thoughts on  the European Capital of Culture – Guimarães 2012, where I tried to define the event’s role in a potential place branding strategy (link) for the north of Portugal. One year has now passed since the start of the event, and many of the same questions still remain unanswered. Once again, I want to emphasise that the nomination of the Portuguese city of Guimarães as one of the two European Capitals of Culture for the year 2012 (ECC-2012) crea…

CALL FOR PAPERS | 17th Workshop APDR - Firm performance and growth: a regional, institutional and policy perspective | 19 April 2013 | DEGEI - University of Aveiro

When confronted with rising concerns about economic growth, unemployment and
job creation, the response at national level is often to promote the
creation of new businesses and strengthen the operating conditions of its
entrepreneurial fabric, so as to maintain competitiveness in global markets.
No doubt, improving the economic basis of any region requires a business
environment where firms can prosper.
To strengthen and diversify the economy, policy makers and local leaders
need to be aware of the characteristics and of the determinants of firm
performance and growth, affecting in particular small and medium firms.
Understanding the determinants of firm performance and growth and it
contribution to overall economic growth is crucial in designing specific and
appropriate stimulus policies.
A set of regional and institutional characteristics concerning the
socioeconomic structure and policy actions of a region can contribute to
explaining the variations not only in business formation, but also in fi…

5th Advances in Tourism Marketing (ATMC) Conference

Theme: Marketing Space and Place: Shifting Tourist Flows

Submission Deadline: Extended abstract (no more than 2,000 words) - 15 March 2013
Keynote Speakers: Chris Ryan, Alan Lew, Carminda Cavaco, Juergen Gnoth Web page:
Organised once a two years period, this conference aims to discuss and bridge the gap between tourism space and place. Space expresses fluidity or contingency, whereas place implies interaction between individuals and the physical location. As space is transformed into place, tourism is all about the reality of experiences that impact flows and impacts.

This conference therefore seeks to analyze tourism as a subjective, performative action contextualized by the geographical and socio-cultural characteristics of destinations. Boldly questioning the scope and truth of Urry’s gaze (1990) or Boorstin (1961) who see tourists’ postmodern condition as a “trivial, superficial, frivolous pursuit of vicarious, contrived experiences, a ‘pseud…