18 December 2012

The 2012 Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking

The 2012 Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking© 

is a thorough study measuring the effectiveness of each country brand strategy, separately evaluating the trade and tourism country brand strategies. The study evaluates 160 and 161 countries respectively. The Ranking relies on hard facts, which include the economic performance and the economic growth of countries. This hard data is accompanied by soft facts, thereby measuring the economic impact of each country’s brand strategy. 

Please, follow the link to download the ranking 

Furthermore, this year marks the first time that Online Search Demand (OSD) has been incorporated into a ranking of this type. The OSD evaluates the gap between what countries are promoting (supply) and what investors and tourists are searching for (demand). Bloom Consulting uses the OSD along with an analysis of each country’s brand strategy to assign each nation a Country Brand Strategy (CBS) Rating©. This identifies the accuracy match between supply and demand and allows Bloom Consulting to assess the best country brands. 

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