5 October 2012

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert
A new issue of Urban Studies is available online:
1 November 2012; Vol. 49, No. 14 
The below Table of Contents is available online at:http://usj.sagepub.com/content/vol49/issue14/?etoc

Critical Commentary. Making the Connection between the Socialisation and the Social Isolation of the Inner-city Poor
James M. Quane and William Julius Wilson
Urban Stud 2012;49 2977-2987

Brownfield Residential Development: What Happens to the Most Deprived Neighbourhoods in England?
Andreas Schulze Bäing and Cecilia Wong
Urban Stud 2012;49 2989-3008

Good Neighbours in Bad Neighbourhoods: Narratives of Dissociation and Practices of Neighbouring in a ‘Problem’ Place
Gwen van Eijk
Urban Stud 2012;49 3009-3026

Rethinking Local Activism: ‘Cultivating the Capacities’ of Neighbourhood Organising
Eleanor Jupp
Urban Stud 2012;49 3027-3044

The ‘Double Movements’ of Neighbourhood Change: Gentrification and Public Policy in Harlem and Prenzlauer Berg
Matthias Bernt
Urban Stud 2012;49 3045-3062

Real Participation or the Tyranny of Participatory Practice? Public Art and Community Involvement in the Regeneration of the Raploch, Scotland
Venda Louise Pollock and Joanne Sharp
Urban Stud 2012;49 3063-3079

Square, Plaza, Piazza, Place: What Do We Know about these Targets of Urban Regeneration Programmes?
Benoit Faye and Éric Le Fur
Urban Stud 2012;49 3081-3099

People, Race and Place: American Support for Person- and Place-based Urban Policy, 1973–2008
Michael Manville
Urban Stud 2012;49 3101-3119

Bigger Is Not Always Better: A Comparative Analysis of Cities and their Air Pollution Impact
Andrea Sarzynski
Urban Stud 2012;49 3121-3138

Remitting Behaviour of Turkish Migrants: Evidence from Household Data in Germany
Hulya Ulku
Urban Stud 2012;49 3139-3158

New Migrant Enterprise: Novelty or Historical Continuity?
Trevor Jones, Monder Ram, Paul Edwards, Alexander Kiselinchev, and Lovemore Muchenje
Urban Stud 2012;49 3159-3176

"You Either Pay More Advance Rent or You Move Out": Landlords/Ladies’ and Tenants’ Dilemmas in the Low-income Housing Market in Accra, Ghana
Godwin Arku, Isaac Luginaah, and Paul Mkandawire
Urban Stud 2012;49 3177-3193

Dynamics of a Protected Housing Market: The Case of Switzerland
Karol Jan Borowiecki
Urban Stud 2012;49 3195-3210

Social Marginalisation, Federal Assistance and Repopulation Patterns in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area following Hurricane Katrina
Nabil Kamel
Urban Stud 2012;49 3211-3231

Review Article: The City Resurgent
Richard Harris
Urban Stud 2012;49 3233-3242