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Porto city of opportunities


Country Brand Index 2012-13

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Interesting calling us PIIGS, at least puts Portugal as the 1st of the PIIGS

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We are top story in place branding


Amsterdam and San Francisco named world’s best cities to visit

Amsterdam and San Francisco named world’s best cities to visit Posted on Oct 22, 2012 in Featurestravel | 3 Comments and 108 Reactions 14

CEPR Discussion Paper update week ending 21/10/12

The Brain Gain of Corporate Boards: A Natural Experiment from China Mariassunta Giannetti
Guanmin Liao
Xiaoyun Yu DE
FE DP9190 PDF The Breakdown of Connectivity Breakdowns Steffen Hoernig IO DP9189 PDF Germs, Social Networks and Growth Alessandra Fogli
Laura Veldkamp DE
PP DP9188 PDF Innovation, Competition, and Investment Timing Yrjö Koskinen
Jøril Mæland FE

The world's most difficult countries to travel through

DateJune 15, 2011Comments 217Read later The BackpackerBen Groundwater is Fairfax's globetrotter on a shoe-string.
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Planning Theory Online Table of Contents Alert

Planning Theory Online Table of Contents Alert A new issue of Planning Theory is available online:Special issue in honor of Sue Hendler:
November 2012; Vol. 11, No. 4 
The below Table of Contents is available online at:
EditorialEditorialHuw ThomasPlanning Theory 2012;11 333-335
Special issue articles"Never eat anything with a face": Ontology and ethicsChristine OverallPlanning Theory 2012;11 336-342
Planning for the needs of urban poor in the Global South: The value of a feminist approachSuzanne SpeakPlanning Theory 2012;11 343-360
Planning and professionalism: Knowledge, judgement and expertise in English planningGeoff VigarPlanning Theory 2012;11 361-378
‘Planning ethics’ and rediscovering the idea of planningHeather CampbellPlanning T…


Catalysing economic development and social progress
14 – 16 November 2012
Haliç Congress Centre, Istanbul, Turkey

Organized by UNWTO
On the occasion of UNWTO Affiliate Members Plenary Session

In collaboration with:
Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey /
The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)

Background and Objectives Tourism has become an element that can make a significant contribution to the development and rejuvenation of cities given its cross-cutting impact on the society and its effects on the many facets of the economic, social, cultural and territorial city life.If correctly planned, developed and efficiently managed, tourism can be a catalyst for a vigorous economic development and social progress in cities by re-building infrastructure, generating jobs and a skilled labour force, stimulating local business entrepreneurship, developing strong public/private partnerships, attracting other economic activities, creating distincti…

Indonesian Words From Portuguese Language


Porto entre os melhores destinos de gastronomia e vinhos da Europa | Publituris

Porto entre os melhores destinos de gastronomia e vinhos da Europa | Publituris

Porto entre os melhores destinos de gastronomia e vinhos da Europa16 de Outubro de 2012 por Tiago da Cunha Esteves A cidade do Porto foi distinguida no âmbito dos ‘Travelers’ Choice Wine Destinations’ dedicados à Europa, tendo sido a única do País a figurar nessa lista, onde constam outros destinos como a Toscana, em Itália, Provença (França) e Umbria (Itália). As cidades eleitas nestes prémios, promovidos pelo TripAdvisor, foram votadas por milhões de pessoas que regularmente utilizam o referido site. Os vencedores foram avaliados com base naquilo que têm para oferecer em relação aos vinhos, tendo em conta a opinião dos internautas em questões como as adegas, restaurantes, atracções e alojamento.