Germany and Denmark Top the 2012 Global Green Economy Index

Germany and Denmark Top the 2012 Global Green Economy Index
New Green City Survey Ranks Copenhagen #1

WASHINGTON, September 10, 2012 – Results from the 3rd edition of the Global Green Economy Index
(GGEI) show that expert practitioners in the green economy rank Germany as the top national green
performer while an index defined by 32 datasets scoring country performance places Denmark on top.
The first-ever survey measuring green city reputations ranked Copenhagen #1, followed by Stockholm,
Oslo, Amsterdam and New York. This city survey ranked perceptions of green performance in the main
urban area associated with each of the 27 nations tracked in the GGEI.

“The GGEI demonstrates the robust data and analysis we bring to bear helping our clients improve their
international green branding and communications programs. The new green city rankings expand our
services to urban stakeholders and offer guidance on coordinating national and city efforts promoting
green economic growth,” said Jeremy Tamanini, the founder of Dual Citizen Inc.
Highlights from the four main dimensions making up the GGEI - leadership, policy, cleantech investment
and sustainable tourism – include:
• The leadership performance index shows that South Africa got a big boost after hosting COP17 in
Durban, but its green reputation did not improve commensurately.
• Actively communicating 2020 renewable energy goals drives positive perceptions of national
policy in our survey, but the pace of actual progress is uneven at best.
• Experts continue to view Germany, China, the United States and India as the best targets for
cleantech investment but smaller nations - notably Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Israel - are
gaining recognition.
• The United Kingdom is tied with New Zealand at the top of the sustainable tourism performance
index but remains under-recognized in our expert survey for its merits in this realm.
Washington-based consultancy Dual Citizen publishes the annual GGEI and will host a webinar on
Thursday September 27th at 10am EST to review the results. For more details and an invitation to this
webinar, please email the contact below.

In Washington - Jeremy Tamanini - (917) 680 5899 -
Download the 2012 Global Green Economy Index here:

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