7 September 2012

24 Hours In Porto

24 Hours In Porto: First Impressions

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It’s only been 24 hours since I arrived in Porto, Portugal, and I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite cities.  It has all the charm (and wine!) of Europe without the hustle and stress of bigger metropolitan areas such as Paris or Rome.  There is a certain sense of calm here that’s ideal for relaxation and it’s no wonder to me that Porto was recently named one of the Best European Destinations for vacationing.  I feel so relaxed already and it’s just been one day!
My husband and I checked into the conference hotel, Sheraton Porto, for Travel Bloggers Unite, yesterday afternoon and after a much appreciated shower and a nap, we headed down to The Yeatman with a few other conference speakers to share some drinks and watch the sunset.
I’ll have much more to share about The Yeatman soon (it’s a luxury hotel with a wine theme … right up my alley!),but today we’re off to scout out some locations to take my video workshop students.  In the meantime, enjoy this photo post below. Thanks to my husband, Pete, for snapping all these great shots!

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