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The EU 2020 Strategy and its implications on the practice of place branding

IN COMPETITIVENESSGUEST POSTS The EU 2020 Strategy and its implications on the practice of place branding Posted by:  on Jul 9, 2012 | No Comments A little background discussion Some time ago, I approached a group of participants in a regional place branding conference and asked their point of view regarding the European Union (EU) strategy for the coming 20 years and how the strategy will create opportunities for us as place branding researchers. A mix of opinions came to the table. Some believe the document is just another set of economic and financial guidelines for the EU Member States, which does not touch on or relate to the practice of place branding. Other comments followed our way of thinking, by interpreting that the Europe 2020 Strategy could be an opportunity to bolster future branding strategies in the EU. What leads me to believe that the…

Student Forum of the ASEM Rector's Conference at the University of Groni...

Have a glimpse into the activities in the last few days: The 1st Asia-Europe Students' Forum brought together more than 40 students to talk about being fit for a lifetime of employability, and what they want universities to do! 

3rd ASEM Rectors' Conference


15 of the world's most bike-friendly cities EUROPE Amsterdam, Netherlands The " bicycling capital of Europe" tops many lists -- including this one, it seems -- as the most bike-friendly city anywhere. Safe and extensive route networks, serious governmental promotion, and a bike culture that transcends class boundaries are all reasons why 40 percent of the city's traffic moves on two wheels. Barcelona, Spain Barcelona's Bicing program, one of many mass bike rental systems that have popped up recently in Europe and beyond, debuted in 2007 in the Catalonian capital. An annual Bike Week is held in late May to spread the word. Berlin, Germany Commuting Berliners are never lonely -- 400,000 of them pedal to work each day. City leaders still aren't satisfied with this figure, and millions of euros have been allocated to encourage more cyclists to get on the streets. One result is a mapping website that helps you plot bike-specific routes…

Young Ambassadors @ Africa Leads programme


Maritime Heritage and Economic Development

International conference on the theme of Maritime Heritage and Economic Development – 


The top 10 most competitive economies in the world


Marca Colombia


Portugal: More sacrifices?

Portugal: More sacrifices? credits Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
11.09.2012 The Portuguese Government has announced that next year, the burden of contributions to Social Security will increase from 11 to 18 percent, an increase of seven per cent per person, in addition to other taxes and soaring, unbearable prices of public utilities. In theequation of Portuguese politics, a PSD government is synonymous with social disruption.
Never in the history of politics has there appeared a man so ill-prepared to govern a country in crisis, never has a team appeared that is so inept or which has implemented such blind, laboratory policies such as the PSD (Social Democrats) government of Prime Minister Pedro Coelho and his illustrious ministers. Already in the nineties, the same party sported a Minister of Finance who was labeled "the mentally advanced one"; for the one that is there today, there are no labe…

University of Groningen climbs QS ranking list again

University of Groningen climbs QS ranking list again Date:September 11, 2012 This year, the University of Groningen has climbed to 109th place on the QS World University Rankings, the global ranking list of best universities.Since the QS Rankings started in 2005, the University of Groningen has climbed a few places higher every year; last year the University was 115th, the year before 120th, and before that 138th.The improvement in this year’s position is partly due to the increased international reputation of the University.
American universities continue to dominate the ranking list –Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is in 1st place, and 6 other US universities are in the top ten.Great Britain is making its presence felt too withCambridge in 2nd place. There are four Dutch universities in the top 100,with the highest notation for the University of Amsterdam. The method QS uses to compile the ranking list enables universities to earn points on six criteria: Academic Reputation…

Germany and Denmark Top the 2012 Global Green Economy Index

Germany and Denmark Top the 2012 Global Green Economy Index
New Green City Survey Ranks Copenhagen #1

WASHINGTON, September 10, 2012 – Results from the 3rd edition of the Global Green Economy Index
(GGEI) show that expert practitioners in the green economy rank Germany as the top national green
performer while an index defined by 32 datasets scoring country performance places Denmark on top.
The first-ever survey measuring green city reputations ranked Copenhagen #1, followed by Stockholm,
Oslo, Amsterdam and New York. This city survey ranked perceptions of green performance in the main
urban area associated with each of the 27 nations tracked in the GGEI.

“The GGEI demonstrates the robust data and analysis we bring to bear helping our clients improve their
international green branding and communications programs. The new green city rankings expand our
services to urban stakeholders and offer guidance on coordinating national and city efforts promoting
green economic growth,” said Jere…

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We should use our assets as tourism opportunities

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Sentir o Porto em 24 Horas - PORTUGAL


24 Hours In Porto

24 Hours In Porto: First Impressions X Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.
Powered by WP Greet BoxWordPress Plugin It’s only been 24 hours since I arrived in Porto, Portugal, and I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite cities.  It has all the charm (and wine!) of Europe without the hustle and stress of bigger metropolitan areas such as Paris or Rome.  There is a certain sense of calm here that’s ideal for relaxation and it’s no wonder to me that Porto was recently named one of the Best European Destinations for vacationing.  I feel so relaxed already and it’s just been one day! My husband and I checked into the conference hotel, Sheraton Porto, for Travel Bloggers Unite, yesterday afternoon and after a much appreciated shower and a nap, we headed down to The Yeatman with a few other conference speakers to share some drinks and watch the sunset. I’ll have …



Alfama: Our Lisbon Neighbourhoodby | Published: August30, 2012 8
We’ve been in Lisbon nearly a month and what we love most is our neighbourhood Alfama, the oldest in the city and one of the only areas that survived the 1755 earthquake. The Moors created a labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets that wind their way up a steep hill overlooking the Rio Tejo and it still feels like stepping back in time. It’s a place to wander and get lost in the maze of alleyways, past intricately tiled houses with wrought iron balconies, magnificent churches, and viewpoints where Lisbon opens up beneath you.

Abstract accepted

Dear Eduardo,

I am delighted to inform you that your abstract entitled - "Place Branding and Strategic Planning: Towards a conceptual model to brand regions" - has been accepted as an academic submission to the "3rd International Place Branding and 2nd Institute of Place Management Conference", February 2013, Manchester, UK. :)

*What a beautiful day* — at University of Groningen.

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Barack Obama's Rebranding Plan: Attack, Orate, Repeat by Dorie Clark