20 August 2012

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert
A new issue of Urban Studies is available online:
1 September 2012; Vol. 49, No. 12 
The below Table of Contents is available online at:http://usj.sagepub.com/content/vol49/issue12/?etoc

Housing Differentiation and Renewal in Middle-ring Suburbs: The Experience of Sydney, Australia
Bill Randolph and Robert Freestone
Urban Stud 2012;49 2557-2575

Exploring the ‘Notional Property Developer’ as a Policy Construct
David Adams, Robert Croudace, and Steve Tiesdell
Urban Stud 2012;49 2577-2596

A Spatial Hedonic Analysis of the Value of Urban Land Cover in the Multifamily Housing Market in Los Angeles, CA
Wei Li and Jean-Daniel Saphores
Urban Stud 2012;49 2597-2615

Residential Segregation and Socioeconomic Neighbourhood Sorting: Evidence at the Micro-neighbourhood Level for Migrant Groups in Germany
Lutz Sager
Urban Stud 2012;49 2617-2632

Tiered Housing Markets and their Relationship to Labour Market Areas
Colin Jones, Mike Coombes, Neil Dunse, David Watkins, and Colin Wymer
Urban Stud 2012;49 2633-2650

University Students Sharing Flats: When Studentification Becomes Vertical
Maddi Garmendia, José M. Coronado, and José M. Ureña
Urban Stud 2012;49 2651-2668

Safe and Satisfied? External Effects of Homeownership in Rotterdam
Dirk Brounen, Ruben Cox, and Peter Neuteboom
Urban Stud 2012;49 2669-2691

Creative Employment and Jet Set Cities: Disentangling Causal Effects
Zachary Neal
Urban Stud 2012;49 2693-2709

The Impacts of Transport Accessibility on Population Change across Rural, Suburban and Urban Areas: A Case Study of Wisconsin at Sub-county Levels
Guangqing Chi
Urban Stud 2012;49 2711-2731

Municipal Preferences for State-imposed Amalgamations: An Empirical Study Based on the Swedish Municipal Reform of 1952
Niklas Hanes, Magnus Wikström, and Erik Wångmar
Urban Stud 2012;49 2733-2750

Social Networking as a Development Tool: A Critical Reflection
Kathryn Scott and Tess Liew
Urban Stud 2012;49 2751-2767