Portugal promotes local wines with free wine tasting in Lisbon

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Gastrodiplomacy and oenology come together in Lisbon’s famous Plaça do Comércio during free wine tastings throughout the week.
I had the pleasure of spending four days in sunny Lisbon last week, as a tourist. Imagine my surprise (and delight!) to find out that there was a free wine tasting going on every hour, on the hour right in central Lisbon.
The Wines of Portugal center is a non-profit venue that is sponsored by Portuguese vintners. Guests can taste four different wines (two whites and two reds) from different regions around Portugal. The center works hand in hand with Viniportugal, a trade association that promotes Portugues wines, brandies and vinegar in domestic and international markets.
In exchange for the free wine tasting, the center asks guests to fill out a survey to find out which nationalities are present as well as which wines were most appreciated. The only downfall was that the wines were not available for purchase in the center, but shop recommendations were abundant. Have a look at the event in this gallery:

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