21 August 2012

CEPR Discussion Paper update week ending 19/08/2012

Direct and Indirect Network Effects are Equivalent: A Comment on “Direct and Indirect Network Effects: Are They Equivalent?”
Jeffrey Church
Neil Gandal

Optimal Combination of Survey Forecasts
Cristina Conflitti
Christine De Mol
Domenico Giannone

A Role Model for the Conduct of Fiscal Policy? Experiences from Sweden
Martin Flodén

There goes gravity: how eBay reduces trade costs
Andrea Lendle
Marcelo Olarreaga
Simon Schropp
Pierre-Louis Vézina

Mismatch Unemployment
Aysegul Sahin
Joseph Song
Giorgio Topa
Giovanni L Violante

Animal Spirits in the Euro Area Sovereign CDS Market
Hans J. Blommestein
Sylvester C W Eijffinger
Zongxin Qian

A framework for analyzing language and welfare
Jacques Mélitz

The Value of Control and the Costs of Illiquidity
Rui Albuquerque
Enrique Schroth

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