25 July 2012

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert
A new issue of Urban Studies is available online:
1 November 2012; Vol. 49, No. 11 
The below Table of Contents is available online at: http://usj.sagepub.com/content/vol49/issue11/?etoc

Rescue Geography: Place Making, Affect and Regeneration
Phil Jones and James Evans
Urban Stud 2012;49 2315-2330

The Geography of Intrametropolitan KIBS Innovation: Distinguishing Agglomeration Economies from Innovation Dynamics
Richard Shearmur
Urban Stud 2012;49 2331-2356

Collaborative and Collective: Reflexive Co-ordination and the Dynamics of Open Innovation in the Digital Industry Clusters of the Paris Region
Ludovic Halbert
Urban Stud 2012;49 2357-2376

Workers and the City: Rethinking the Geographies of Power in Post-socialist Urbanisation
Norbert Petrovici
Urban Stud 2012;49 2377-2397

Political Decision-making and the Local Provision of Public Goods: The Case of Municipal Climate Protection in the US
Rachel M. Krause
Urban Stud 2012;49 2399-2417

The Impact of Carbon Emission Reducing Design Features on Office Occupiers’ Choice of Premises
Chris Leishman, Allison Orr, and Giuseppe Pellegrini-Masini
Urban Stud 2012;49 2419-2437

The Changing Meaning of Neighbourhood Attachment in Chinese Commodity Housing Estates: Evidence from Guangzhou
Yushu Zhu, Werner Breitung, and Si-ming Li
Urban Stud 2012;49 2439-2457

Australian Aboriginal Urban Residents’ Satisfaction with Living in Their Neighbourhood: Perceptions of the Neighbourhood Socio-cultural Environment and Individual Socio-demographic Factors
Katy Osborne, Anna M. Ziersch, Fran Elaine Baum, and Gilbert Gallaher
Urban Stud 2012;49 2459-2477

The Correlation among Immigrant Homeownership, Objective and Subjective Characteristics, and Civic Participation: New Evidence from the Israeli Experience
Yuval Arbel, Danny Ben-Shahar, and Yossef Tobol
Urban Stud 2012;49 2479-2499

Explaining Racial/Ethnic Gaps in Spatial Mismatch in the US: The Primacy of Racial Segregation
Michael A. Stoll and Kenya Covington
Urban Stud 2012;49 2501-2521

Building Community Resiliency: Spatial Links between Household and Business Post-disaster Return
Yu Xiao and Shannon Van Zandt
Urban Stud 2012;49 2523-2542

Book Reviews
Book Review: Crossing Borders: International Exchange and Planning Practices
Urban Stud 2012;49 2543-2545

Book Review: Remembering, Forgetting and City Builders
Urban Stud 2012;49 2545-2547

Book Review: Regenerating Culture and Society: Architecture, Art and Urban Style within the Global Politics of City-branding
Urban Stud 2012;49 2547-2549

Book Review: Saturday Night & Sunday Morning: The 2001 Bradford Riot and Beyond
Urban Stud 2012;49 2549-2551

Books Received
Books Received
Urban Stud 2012;49 2553