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ADPR June Algarve


ALTO DO MINHO needs our help


Aos interessados em colaborar para a promoção e divulgação do filme Alto do Minho. O filme Alto do Minho tem como principal objetivo divulgar a cultura popular da região do Alto Minho e o seu património imaterial.

Estando o filme pronto, a equipa não dispõe de meios ou recursos para a sua devida promoção e divulgação. O pequeno orçamento há muito que se esgotou, a capacidade dos membros da equipa recorrerem a ...fundos próprios é nula e as instituições competentes, responsáveis por salvaguardar os interesses deste património, não têm meios de apoio pela conjuntura económica atual.

Deixar o projeto morrer na praia não é solução que a equipa consiga admitir, pelo que procura formas alternativas de financiamento. Assim, a equipa do filme Alto do Minho, através da plataforma IndieGoGo, abriu uma página para angariar fundos junto de todas as pessoas interessadas em contribuir para a promoção do filme.…

The European Capital of Culture – Guimarães 2012. Can we build a place branding strategy with it?

The European Capital of Culture – Guimarães 2012. Can we build a place branding strategy with it?Original source


Ares Kalandides

The European Capital of Culture – Guimarães 2012. Can we build a place branding strategy with it? The Guimaraes logo by Eduardo Oliveira The nomination of the Portuguese city of Guimarães as one of the two European Capital of Culture for the year 2012 (ECC-2012) raised great expectations in the local community, in the northwest region and in the country as well. As usual, politicians,  the media and local communities see the possible fame for country and region through an event of this size with enormous excitement. The hallmark events, such as the 2004 European Football Championship organized by Portugal, the European Youth Capital Braga 2012, bring the desire of achievements in the economic, social and cultural sense. Word…

Life is Beautiful

Dear  Eduardo Oliveira,

We are pleased to declare that your paper:

ID: 01023 - 'Instruments of Place Branding and Regional Dynamics: Guimarães as European Capital of Culture' has been accepted by the Scientific Committee of the 18th Congress of the Portuguese Association for Regional Development (APDR), for presentation.

The concept of place branding has emerged as a powerful instrument to raise awareness and create uniqueness.  This branding process could be linked to a general increase in competition between places in order to draw attention from stakeholders to host events. Moreover, it has been implemented as a form of spatial planning and place management. The concept is thought to provide valuable tools for cities, regions and countries to differentiate themselves, by managing their opportunities and transforming them into competitive advantages, thus gaining brand value and strengthening their global market position. Three following instruments have been explor…

Lógica de vales inconsequente para o progresso


O prof. Cadima Ribeiro afirmou que o desenvolvimento de Braga e do Minho passa por romper com a lógica dos vales (do Ave ou do Cávado), por reforçar a malha urbana com aquilo que já existe: o quadrilátero urbano.

A concertação e diálogo com os centros urbanos vizinhos (Guimarães, Barcelos e Famalicão) constituem a melhor resposta num contexto de economia global que deve olhar para s recursos do território e construir, a partir deles, o progresso.

O ex-presidente da Escola de Economia e Gestão da Universidade do Minho falava na sede do PS, no debate “Braga coração de uma região” dinamizado pela candidatura de Vitor Sousa às eleições para a Comissão Política Concelhia que se realizam no dia 2 de Junho.

Vítor Sousa - ladeado por Nuno Alpoim, presidente da AGERE e ex-vice-presidente do Município de Braga e Varico Pereira, da Turel, oradores na mesma sessão - reafirmou esta ideia da cooperação “entre os quatro municípios e as instituiçõe…

Donos de Portugal


Donos de Portugalby Donos de Portugal1 month 1 day ago Donos de Portugal é um documentário de Jorge Costa sobre cem anos de poder económico. O filme retrata a proteção do Estado às famílias que dominaram a economia do país, as suas estratégias de conservação de poder e acumulação de riqueza. Mello, Champalimaud, Espírito Santo – as fortunas cruzam-se pelo casamento e integram-se na finança. Ameaçado pelo fim da ditadura, o seu poder reconstitui-se sob a democracia, a partir das privatizações e da promiscuidade com o poder político. Novos grupos económicos – Amorim, Sonae, Jerónimo Martins - afirmam-se sobre a mesma base.

Eduardo at Nacht van Groningen

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Facebook's "friendliness" hides its revolutionary potential - Fast Forward


The joy of cooking by Salt Portugal

The joy of cooking May 14th, 2012  A blog about all that is glorious in Portugal. Original Source:
Happiness researchers find that emotional peaks, moments of great joy or sadness, have a lasting impact on our happiness. Travel vacations give us a chance to collect nuggets of joy that we can savor in the future. A great way to relive a vacation in a foreign country is to cook some of the food we tried. Tastes and smells have the power to put us in another place and time. So, how can you cook some Portuguese dishes after vacationing in Portugal? The Portuguese cuisine is an intuitive affair and recipes are notoriously vague, with instructions such as: “follow the usual procedure,” or “use sugar qb.” The ubiquitous cooking expression qb is an abbreviation of “quanto baste,” which means “just the right amount.” We are lucky that a talented American cookbook author, Jean Anderson, wrote detailed recipes for many classic Portuguese dishes. With her book…

Despite the recession, we keep on saving - Despite the recession, we keep on saving

Despite the recession, we keep on savingFriday 11 May 2012
The Dutch had a total €360bn put aside in savings accounts by the end of last year, up €45bn on the end of 2008, according to central bank statistics. Even people in their mid to late 20s managed to boost their savings by around €6,000 per household. The amount the Dutch put into stocks, shares and other investment schemes fell by €7bn over the same period and the total mortgage debt rose by €50bn, the central bank said. ©

Network of European Region for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism meeting

early train to the European Union - NECSTouR - Network of European Region for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism meeting -
Middelburg, Zeeland

Turkayfe's Mobile Turkish Coffee Truck in DC

Image - Princess Mabel quits top job at global think-tank The Elders - Princess Mabel quits top job at global think-tank The Elders

Princess Mabel quits top job at global think-tank The EldersWednesday 09 May 2012 Princess Mabel has resigned from her job as chief executive of international development think-tank The Elders. Two months ago, her husband prince Friso was caught in an avalanche while skiing and is now in a coma in hospital in London. Mabel has been director of the organisation since 2008. Chaired by archbishop Desmond Tutu, The Elders is an independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights. They were brought together in 2007 by Nelson Mandela. 'Mabel has been an outstanding and tireless CEO, leading the organisation from its inception to where it stands today. No one could have done what she has accomplished with more integrity, commitment and effectiveness,' the archbishop said in a statement. ©

Lisboa, a fantastic city


The Coalition of the Independent Culture, Egypt


City of Copenhagen - City of Cyclists


How does the new Turkey think?

How does the new Turkey think?

Turkey has changed so drastically in the past decade that it has become largely unrecognizable. For starters, the country has experienced a sort of economic miracle, nearly tripling its economic output in the past decade and subsequently joining the ranks of the elite G-20 club. Politically, too, Turkey has undergone a complete transformation: The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has won three consecutive elections since 2002, with increasing majorities. The AKP, representing a brand of Islam-based social conservativism, has since replaced Turkey's former secularist elites. Secularist Kemalism is out and the AKP is in, and Turkey no longer suffers from a weak economy as it did in the 1990s. How does this change the way Turks see the world? The answer is: something "old," something "new," and something "borrowed" shapes Turkey's foreign policy today. Let's start with the "old": Kemalism is out, but…

The Dictator Soundtrack


Cannabis card comes into force - Cannabis card comes into force

Cannabis cafes in Zeeland, Brabant and Limburg closed their doors to drugs tourists on Tuesday morning when the new registration system came into effect. From now on, anyone wanting to buy hashish and marijuana from these coffee shops will have to prove they live in the Netherlands and register for a special membership card or wietpas. It is the first step in a new law designed to restrict sales to Netherlands' residents in order to combat drug tourism and reduce public nuisance. It will be rolled out across the country in 2013. Coffee shop owners in Maastricht, who in April lost a court case on the grounds the law is discriminatory and infringes privacy, say they will go on selling to tourists until they provoke a test case, according to press reports.