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Court rules against cannabis cafes: green light for 'wietpas'


Conference venue: The new Business School of the Manchester Metropolitan University. Manchester Metropolitan University 13th-16th February 2013 The Business of Place: Critical, practical and pragmatic perspectives Conference Chairs: Professor Cathy Parker and Ares Kalandides Place branding, place management, place marketing, strategic spatial development, public-private place partnerships, all synonyms describing one thing – the application of business principles to place.  The language and conventions of business have spread across the world, to places of all scales, from district centre management through to nation branding.  This widespread extension of market principles to places (districts, towns, cities, regions, countries and even continents) is not without critics, with many economists explaining that it is firms that compete not places. Nevertheless, those charged with place leadersh…

Não ter vivido de forma mais verdadeira é o maior arrependimento de quem está a morrer | iOnline

Não ter vivido de forma mais verdadeira é o maior arrependimento de quem está a morrer | iOnline

A enfermeira australiana, Bronnie Ware, editou um livro sobre os cinco maiores arrependimentos que os pacientes sentem quando estão em estado terminal.  “Os Cinco Maiores Arrependimentos das Pessoas à Beira da Morte", título da obra, expõe aquilo que as pessoas mais lamentam não ter feito durante o seu percurso de vida, tendo como base testemunhos que a enfermeira recolheu durante os anos em que trabalhou em unidades de cuidados paliativos. Citada pelo Guardian, Ware refere que os pacientes davam frequentemente respostas comuns quando questionados sobre o que mais se arrependiam de não ter feito. No topo está o facto de terem vivido em função das expectativas dos outros, em vez de terem vivido de acordo com as suas próprias convicções. “Este era o arrependimento mais comum a todos”, afirma a enfermeira, acrescentando que “quando as pessoas se apercebem que estão a morrer e olham para trás…

4th ITW Conference

Nature of Iran - Beauty of Iran - People of Iran !


4th ITW Conference Antalya Turkey

Image - Six politicians, four journalists in top 10 Dutch Twitter users - Six politicians, four journalists in top 10 Dutch Twitter users

Six politicians, four journalists in top 10 Dutch Twitter usersMonday 16 April 2012 Six politicians and four political journalists are on a list of the most influential users of the microblogging service Twitter in the Netherlands, drawn up by global public relations firm Burson-Marsteller and social media analysts Klout. The company drew up a list of G20 influencers, 'defining the top ten most politically influential people on Twitter' in each of the G19 countries plus the EU as well as Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. MPs Geert Wilders, Alexander Pechtold and Diederik Samsom are among the politicians on the list while Nos political commentator Dominque van der Heyde and Frits Wester of RTL are among the journalists. On average, the Dutch Twitter users had over 63,000 followers. Full list ©

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Girls going wild in red light district


Antalya conference

14.45 – 16.00 Session III  Chair: Asst.Prof. Bahattin Özdemir 
Building a sustainable competitive advantage in times of crises: Capitalizing on culture,  destination branding and relationship marketing  Stella Kladou, Antonios A. Giannopoulos, Eleni P. Mavragani, Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri 
Branding the green. How place branding can contribute to the development of the  Northwest of Portugal as green destination  Eduardo Oliveira, Gregory Ashworth and Gert de Roo 
Israeli Tourism to Turkey: A Love stıry against all odds  Daniel Zimet 
Low cost airlines and tourist activity in the intermediate cities of the Mediterranean Spanish  Arch  Roberto Díez Pisonero 
Community based ecotourism concept, characteristics and restrictions: Gharb-Sehel Village,  Aswan, Pilot Project  Ossama A.W. Abdel Meguid

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Instruments of Place Branding and Regional Dynamics: Guimarães as European Capital of Culture

Instruments of Place Branding and Regional Dynamics: Guimarães as European Capital of Culture
EDUARDO OLIVEIRA Department of Planning & Environment, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
The concept of place branding has emerged as a powerful instrument to raise awareness and create uniqueness.  This branding process could be linked to a general increase in competition between places in order to draw attention from stakeholders to host events. Moreover, it has been implemented as a form of spatial planning and place management. The concept is thought to provide valuable tools for cities, regions and countries to differentiate themselves, by managing their opportunities and transforming them into competitive advantages, thus gaining brand value and strengthening their global market position. Three following instruments have been explored as a competitive appeal: i) personality association ii) signature building, and iii) event hallma…

FRW Paper Discussion


7 Places You Should Not Miss When Visiting Porto

7 Places You Should Not Miss When Visiting Porto Porto is a magical city. Modern, yet still clinging to the old ways, it fascinated us beyond any expectations. We spent a day by the ocean, visited the uncounted for gilded churches, took a boat tour on the Douro River, and went for a wine tasting. But we also visited the following 7 places and we think no visit to Porto is complete without them. A city with charming and colorful, yet decaying architecture, with buildings ruled by the seagulls as the owners moved to quieter villages along the coast, Porto remains by far the most beautiful city in Portugal.
Café Majestic
Café Majestic is Porto's emblematic café. It opened back in 1921, during the Belle Epocheand it proudly  keeps its charm to this day. Located in Santa Catarina Street, one of the busiest pedestrian streets in Porto, it is definitely a must stop for the 20s enthusiasts like myself and one of the ra…

Incubate Scene Report: a guide to Groningen

Incubate Scene Report: a guide to Groningen April 10, 2012
Groningen is the biggest city in the north of the Netherlands. It’s also a very lively, creative and interesting place with a strong underground scene.
The music scene in this city is diverse. There is De Oosterpoort, which has cabaret, dance, theatre, classical music and some shows from bigger artists. Vera  (photo) is a real music venue. It is located in one of the oldest buildings in the city and has had some artist play before their breakthrough, i.e. U2, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr. and loads more. Vera is probably the most interesting music venue in Groningen and when you call your self the ‘Club for the International Pop Underground’ you better have something to back it up, and they do. By having three to four concerts a week, booking international artists as well as a lot of national bands, organising dance-nights and every Saturday night they have …

Nano-sized ‘factories’ churn out proteins - MIT News Office

Nano-sized ‘factories’ churn out proteins - MIT News Office

Nano-sized ‘factories’ churn out proteinsTiny particles could manufacture cancer drugs at tumor sites.
credits Anne Trafton, MIT News Office
Drugs made of protein have shown promise in treating cancer, but they are difficult to deliver because the body usually breaks down proteins before they reach their destination. 

To get around that obstacle, a team of MIT researchers has developed a new type of nanoparticle that can synthesize proteins on demand. Once these “protein-factory” particles reach their targets, the researchers can turn on protein synthesis by shining ultraviolet light on them.

The particles could be used to deliver small proteins that kill cancer cells, and eventually larger proteins such as antibodies that trigger the immune system to destroy tumors, says Avi Schroeder, a postdoc in MIT’s David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and lead author of a paper appearing in the journal NanoLetters.

“This is…



Bogota named UNESCO City of Music - Colombia news | Colombia Reports