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Going Dutch: An insider's view of the 'happiest' country in the world

Going Dutch: An insider's view of the 'happiest' country in the world Tuesday, February 28, 2012 By William Uricchio Marylynn Uricchio/Post-Gazette Residential and commercial spaces are mixed throughout Utrecht - this store overlooks one of many canals.
When I'm in Utrecht, a city founded by the Romans, I stay in a house that was built in 1412 on a street that's about as wide as an open umbrella. Like many Dutch, I walk or travel by bicycle, parking it with thousands of others at the train station, where a quick commute will take me to Amsterdam in less than a half-hour. Utrecht is centrally located -- a gem of a city whose canals are lined with little shops, bookstores and countless outdoor cafes. Actually, this describes most Dutch cities; Utrecht's main claims to fame are its cathedral (with the Netherlands' tallest tower), its many hidden medieval gardens or "hofs," its wonderful early-music scene, quirky public art (a flying saucer atop the …

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Research Awards > International Case Writing Competition Emerald is delighted to announce the launch of the International Case Writing Competiton.Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies collection is awarding $1,000 (US) to the author/s of the best teaching case submitted as part of this international competition.
If you have business and management cases with a focus on emerging economies, that you have tried and tested in class, why not enter them into this competition?
The prizeCash prize of $1,000 (US)Selected cases will be published in the Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies and will enjoy international dissemination and wide readership and usage.Share your case with other educators around the globe. If your case is selected for publication, it will be read and used by your peers in universities around the world. Your case will enrich the teaching and learning experience of educators and students internationally. How to apply Submissions are to be made via ScholarOne to…

NNO speelt Armin van Buuren


Students World Dialogue @ Daimler - 2011 short version


Helmets make cycling less safe, says Dutch cycling union

Helmets make cycling less safe, says Dutch cycling unionTuesday 28 February 2012
Helmets give cyclists a false sense of security and making helmets compulsory will lead to fewer people using their bikes, according to the Dutch cyclists' union in the latest edition of its magazine. Cycling helmets can protect heads against severe brain injury if the bike is stationary, but at speeds of over 20 kph - easily reached when falling from a slow-moving bike - the helmet offers little protection, Theo Zeegers says in the article. 'It is notable that the number of mountain bikers and racing cyclists who end up in hospital with or without a helmet is almost the same,' Zeegers said. 'Helmets offer a false sense of security. Helmets offer no protection if you crash into a car and often don't help when no other vehicle is involved because they are not properly fitted.' Rather than introducing the compulsory wearing of helmets, Dutch local councils should improve cycling le…

Bikes Make Life Better -- Projection Art


Dutch TV presenters eat each other's flesh

Dutch TV presenters eat each other's flesh - video
Wednesday 21 December 2011

Two Dutch TV presenters, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, have eaten each other's flesh and broadcast the cannibal stunt on a cookery-style programme. The men each underwent surgery to have a piece of muscle removed, which was then fried and eaten in front of an audience. They said their stunt was completely legal as they had entered into the cannibalistic pact voluntarily

10 reasons to visit Portugal


Movie about the Netherlands


Is this really a news topic?

Seems not all understand what is going on in the world. -- - Who gets paid to work on February 29?
Who gets paid to work on February 29?Thursday 23 February 2012Many people are not aware they are working one day for no pay this year – because 2012 is a leap year, according to research by staffing agency Uitzendspecialist.
Almost 50% of workers do not realise February 29 is a ‘free day’ for employers.However, the agency says 17% of employers are planning to pay staff extra. And, it points out, freelancers and people working through staffing agencies will also be paid because they are paid an hourly or daily rate.

MEET MR HOLLAND: Destination marketing, Dutch style -

MEET MR HOLLAND: Destination marketing, Dutch style -
MEET MR HOLLAND: Destination marketing, Dutch style
15/02/2012 by James LathamEmail this to a colleague: Renowned for the innovative techniques they comes up with to market their destination, the Dutch have come up with another first. orget new technology or social media and meet Holland personified – James Latham did just that at last year’s EIBTM…

"This World" de Selah Sue


Armin Van Buuren honouring the Dutch Soccer Team


HM Queen Rania interview with CNN. Part 1 0f 2

CNN's Fareed Zakaria interview with Queen Rania of Jordan to discuss women in Islam and Mideast peace. - Allround speed skating titles for Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst

Image - Allround speed skating titles for Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst
Allround speed skating titles for Sven Kramer and Ireen WüstSunday 19 February 2012A winning team: Blokhuijsen, Kramer and VerweijSven Kramer took his fifth world allround speed skating title in Moscow on Sunday, making him the most successful Dutch speed skater ever.Jan Blokhuijsen took silver and Koen Verweij bronze, so it was all Oranje podium in the men's event.Kramer, who was out injured all last season, has now eclipsed Kramer Rintje Ritsma, who took four world titles.Ireen Wüst in actionIn the women's event, Ireen Wüst retained her world title, holding of main rival Martina Sábliková. Wüst also took the title in 2007.The men's competition involves races of 500m, 1,500m, 5km and 10km, the women's 500m, 1,500m, 3km and 5km.Photos: Reuters

Why You Shouldn’t Have More

Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 354 Facebook FriendsPublished 3 days agoMen's Health Like this source Facebook used to be a source of amusement and happiness—why else would 483 million people check in daily? But if you find your news feed to be more of a bummer with each passing day, you’re not alone.
In a study presented at the recent Society for Personality and Social Psychology meeting, researchers asked a sample group of Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 65 to read some of their friends’ status updates. Afterward, those Facebook users rated their lives as much less satisfying than people who didn’t check their news feed first.
More from The Big Facebook Lie You Tell Yourself
Among the group who read updates, the study revealed that having 354 Facebook friends seemed to be the tipping point after which people were increasingly less happy with their lives.

The reason: Much of how we judge our success in life is based on how we stack up against our peers. “…

How to make a video spot to promote one country

Portugal’s Debt Efforts May Be Warning for Greece

Portugal’s Debt Efforts May Be Warning for Greece By LISBON — As debt-plagued Greece struggles to meet Europe’s strict terms for receiving its next round of bailout money, the lesson of Portugal might bear watching. Unlike Greece, Portugal is a debtor nation that has done everything that the European Union and the International Monetary Fund have asked it to, in exchange for the 78 billion euro (about $103 billion) bailout Lisbon received last May. And yet, by the broadest measure of a country’s ability to repay its debts, Portugal is going deeper into the hole. The ratio of Portugal’s debt to its overall economy, or gross domestic product, was 107 percent when it received the bailout. But the ratio has grown since then, and by next year is expected to reach 118 percent. That’s not necessarily because Portugal’s overall …

Strengths and weaknesses of the SWOT tool for place-related analysis

Strengths and weaknesses of the SWOT tool for place-related analysis
Source: by Ares Kalandides - SWOT analysis according to wikipedia by Ares Kalandides I am sure most of us have already used some kind or other of a SWOT model to analyse something. In my business it is often used as an analytical tool to understand “places”, where they stand and what should be developed, but also to foresee possible changes.  The people who pay us to do the job love SWOTs: they are clear, schematic, straightforward, unambiguous. But social reality is rarely any of the above. I would like to share with you my thoughts, after having used SWOT analysis for many years, and I would love to hear yours. SWOT as an instrument was developed in a business environment. It is used to identify factors (favourable/unfavourable and internal/external) that influence the success in reaching…

The Netherlands ranks one of the fittest country in Europe

The Netherlands ranks one of the fittest country in Europe, based on the EU’s six-pack scoreboard. The Netherlands scored well on 8 out of 10 criteria, on the six-pack scoreboard, missing on just private sector debt and house prices. UBS analyst Amit Kara said the Netherlands is another economy doing reasonably well, and it is benefiting from being a trade center. Their private sector debt is high, and though its government debt is above 60 percent, that is a stringent criteria, and given that it is one of Europe’s bigger economies, they have a pretty strong scorecard. The EU announced a set of measures dubbed the ‘six-pack’, to help deal with the crisis and encourage economic and fiscal integration. The ‘six-pack‘ is made up of five regulations and one directive, with a focus on government debt and deficits. UBS analyst Amit Kara says the six-pack is a step in the right direction, but the focus is on fiscal problems:

Almost 100% of place branding


Picasso Cycling Race


Germany’s Hidden Weaknesses