Top 100 NGOs Cover
THE GLOBAL JOURNAL publishes the first ever TOP 100 NGOs list.
WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION heads the global ranking.
GENEVA - The Global Journal is proud to announce the release of its inaugural ‘Top 100 Best NGOs’ list. The first international ranking of its kind, this exclusive in-depth feature will no doubt stimulate debate, while providing academics, diplomats, policymakers, international organizations and the private sector an insight into the ever changing dynamics and innovative approaches of the non-profit world and its 100 leading actors.
Recognizing the significant role of NGOs as influential agents of change on a global scale, The Global Journal has sought to move beyond outdated clichés and narrow conceptions about what an NGO is and does. From humanitarian relief to the environment, public health to education, microfinance to intellectual property, NGOs are increasingly at the forefront of developments shaping the lives of millions of people around the world.
The Global Journal is especially pleased to congratulate the Wikimedia Foundation for achieving first place in the Top 100 for 2012. A quintessential example of the power of a great idea well executed, Wikimedia’s most famous initiative - Wikipedia - has transformed the way in which the world obtains information, reaching 477 million visitors per month. Entirely volunteer-driven, the site has rapidly become the largest collection of shared knowledge in human history.
The following organizations joined the Wikimedia Foundation at the top of The Global Journal’s ranking:
#03 - Oxfam
#04 - BRAC
#06 - PATH
#10 - Ushahidi
Further details regarding the Top 100 Best NGOs issue is available on The Global Journal website at, or by purchasing the magazine at newsstands or via the online store.