22 November 2011

Phding my talent

Quite amazing that I have been mastering my talent here, since I arrive by the early morning of november 1st. Imagine how the dream can comes true. You only need put that on mind and work hard to fill the with the best rocks your path (some of you maybe need know that the traditional side walks, streets and so on, in Portugal, are made by using rocks).

So far, 125 books, 167 papers + 80 only from the last doctoral thesis in branding from this department and I am quite happy...seems a lot of things to do but I can tell you that I will do the best I can and in the end you are all invited to the PhD public defense party in 2015 in Groningen. 

Porto wine will be the special drink guest and one bottle of the best one is already reserved in my parents home.

2015 you are the goal...today is only the beginning.