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Is the Market Research SWOT mostly wrong?

Is the Market Research SWOT mostly wrong?: "Earlier this week I ran a “Where next for market research?” session with a group of senior players from 15 different organisations in the UK. Yesterday, I reported back on the issue “Are Surveys a thing of the past?”. Today I am going to look at MR’s self-image.
In the ESOMAR 2010 Global Report there is a SWOT analysis of Market Research. The SWOT was partly created collaboratively by people adding their suggestions via an online discussion – so it clearly represents a constituency of thought within MR. As part of our session this week the thought leaders were tasked in looking at the SWOT critically, for example to see if they could argue why the strengths were not strengths, the weaknesses were not weaknesses and so on. This was done as a loosening up exercise before we moved on to looking at the future, however, it produced some very interesting thoughts and ideas.
Just before we looked at the SWOT we had reviewed a range of evidence …