Some thoughts on the future of

Some thoughts on the future of "

This post is quick update on various things happening at and our plans for the immediate future.

We are looking to have an online event most months, with sessions for different time-zones, these allow topics to be covered in depth and to achieve subject focus. This means at any one moment we tend to be involved in two events, the planning of one and the implementation of the other. At the moment the two current events are:

Ethnography, an online event that will take place on May 25th, you can find out more and register at the website.

New Approaches to Presenting Data – Calls for synopses still open! This event will be held on June 23rd and will look for the best thinking in how to present data and is likely to produce some contentious recommendations, you can find out more and register at the Website.

Future Events, we are looking for suggestions for future subject events and we are looking forward to releasing more information about this year’s Festival of NewMR shortly.

NewMR has been playing with a number of innovations with respect to covering its costs. The two most interesting ones are the donate model for events and the Dutch Auction for sponsorship – both have proved to be useful and interesting.

The donate model is organized so that attendees to the Virtual Events are asked to pay what they think it is worth. This has resulted in a very wide range of payments. Some people have attended for free, but hopefully they will soon start to see the value, whilst others have been happy to pay, with some being very generous.

The Dutch Auction is used to arrive at a price for the sponsorship of an event. The initial price is announced and after a period of time, if the package has not been bought, the price starts to reduce by £100 a day. We have run this system twice and twice Brian Singh at Zinc Research has bought the package at a point presumably felt was optimum. We will continue to experiment with this for the topic events.

Funding and the Festival of NewMR
The Festival is much more expensive to produce than the events, so the funding arrangements will be more complex, and we will be looking for sponsors and a slightly more structured way of charging for tickets.


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