5 May 2011

Next Week, Next Conference!

Next Week, Next Conference!: "

Yale SOM Customer Insights Conference 2011

I’ve started choosing which business conferences invitations to accept a lot more carefully, and plan to attend far fewer directly related to market research in the coming year. One new conference I was just invited to which I’m gladly making an exception for is the Yale School of Management’s, Center for Consumer Insights’ 2011 Customer Insight Conference.

Not only is this conference conveniently located halfway between NYC and Boston, where a considerable number of client side researchers and supplier side firms including Anderson Analytics are located (an area underserved by trade org chapters). But even more importantly, as I’ve said here on the blog before, networking with academia is a critical part of innovating while staying grounded in proper methodology. Importantly, it’s also one of the best ways to source truly exceptional talent.

While I expect this event to be very business school/market research focused, (I’ve often found networking with academics in psychology and computer science fields even more rewarding), I am still very much looking forward to this event. Not many conferences out there, including those sponsored by trade associations, do a good of including academia. I expect it will be refreshing to see presentations 100% of which will not contain sales pitches, and all which will be given by true experts in their field!

I’ll let you know my thoughts afterwards if you’re interested ;)


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