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6 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Local Search Results

6 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Local Search Results
Marketers are no longer asking if they should be active in social media. They understand that user-generated content such as ratings and reviews are required elements of a comprehensive location-based search program.These days, it’s a question of how to get the most impact out of a social media program.With the right social media strategy, you can communicate directly with your customers, create engaging discussion topics, and help your marketing go viral.Social media can also boost the prominence of your online brand-awareness and organically propel your business locations to the top of local search results.The fast-evolving social media landscape can be a confusing place for marketers these days, however, as the array of choices grows almost daily: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Groupon, Flickr and Foursquare, just to name a few, and recently Facebook Deals and other new social networking ventures have joined the frenzy for local …

End of the week in Milano as delegate at MILMUN (CEU)


Video Keynote – Jose Filipe Torres on country branding

Video Keynote – Jose Filipe Torres on country branding:
"Portuguese country branding expert Jose Filipe Torres (whom we interviewed back in June 2009), speaking about nation branding at the Berlin International Economics Congress:"

Some thoughts on the future of

Some thoughts on the future of "This post is quick update on various things happening at and our plans for the immediate future.
We are looking to have an online event most months, with sessions for different time-zones, these allow topics to be covered in depth and to achieve subject focus. This means at any one moment we tend to be involved in two events, the planning of one and the implementation of the other. At the moment the two current events are:
Ethnography, an online event that will take place on May 25th, you can find out more and register at the website.
New Approaches to Presenting Data – Calls for synopses still open! This event will be held on June 23rd and will look for the best thinking in how to present data and is likely to produce some contentious recommendations, you can find out more and register at the Website.
Future Events, we are looking for suggestions for future subject events and we are looking forward to rel…

Tech Driven Market Research Ends

Tech Driven Market Research Ends: "Video Synopsis from Ben Smithee Coming
Great networking with fellow Next Gen Researchers this week at TMRE’s Tech Driven Market Research Event. Too much to mention, but Merrill Dubrow really woke us up today with a really inspiring presentation on Social Media.
Understand Ben Smithee of Spych Market Analytics will be sharing interviews from Technology Driven Market Research Event. Quick synopsis of what’s to come:

Thanks Ben! Great seeing you at the event, look forward to seeing more of these soon. Very disappointed I had to leave before Bill MacElroy’s presentation. Love to hear how it went for those who were there for the last presentation.
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Next Week, Next Conference!

Next Week, Next Conference!: "
Yale SOM Customer Insights Conference 2011
I’ve started choosing which business conferences invitations to accept a lot more carefully, and plan to attend far fewer directly related to market research in the coming year. One new conference I was just invited to which I’m gladly making an exception for is the Yale School of Management’s, Center for Consumer Insights’ 2011 Customer Insight Conference.
Not only is this conference conveniently located halfway between NYC and Boston, where a considerable number of client side researchers and supplier side firms including Anderson Analytics are located (an area underserved by trade org chapters). But even more importantly, as I’ve said here on the blog before, networking with academia is a critical part of innovating while staying grounded in proper methodology. Importantly, it’s also one of the best ways to source truly exceptional talent.
While I expect this event to be very business school/market research …