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My master thesis

Territórios, marcas e competitividade : a região Minho e a sua projecção internacional

Territories, such as countries, regions and cities, compete with other geographical areas in order to attract investments, markets, businesses, residents, tourists, talents and entrepreneurs, as well as the hosting of cultural and sporting events. This process is intensified with the growth of internationalization and globalization. These territories need to identify the opportunities and strengths to achieve competitive advantages for efficient access to markets, resources and people. A clear definition of place branding, developed in a consistent, cooperative way with stakeholders and as a product of a cooperative network between local, regional and national stakeholders, can promote the production base, increasing the touristic and human resource flows. Investors, citizens of different nationalities, students and researchers take part of this flow. Place branding is a new trend in marketing and te…

Casa-contentor é opção sustentável - Pela Natureza

Housing solutions from recycled paper to empower the less economically a...


The Humanitarian Social Network


Young Researcher of the Year Award | ESOMAR NEXT

Young Researcher of the Year Award | ESOMAR NEXT-- We are asking you to use your skills to show that research can be used to solve global issues as well as meet business needs.To enter, your submission will need to make recommendations and provide an "answer" based on your research results. This will require you to use a holistic approach to achieve concrete answers to difficult and topical worldwide challenges.If an existing piece of research is being submitted, it should not be older than 6 months.Who can enter?
Researchers under the age of 30 or turn 30 before 1 September 2011Steps to enter and submit
To enter the competition fill in the Entry form before 15 April. Once you have entered the competition, you can submit the research project using theSubmission form by 24 June.How will the winner be selected?
The submissions will be reviewed by an international jury of specialists, who will select a shortlist of three finalists to present their submissions at the ESOMAR Annual C…