19 January 2011

Could we be using QR-Codes in Market Research?

Could we be using QR-Codes in Market Research?: "

I have been awaiting the arrival of QR-codes in Europe for several years after hearing about how popular they were in Japan in a presentation at ESOMAR (in Lisbon). Having noticed that they seem to be popping up in an increasingly wide number of places and that free readers are available for most smartphones, I posted a message in QR-Code format in a number of places, including Twitter, Facebook, my blog, and NewMR.

The code is shown below, followed by the message embodied within it.


“Email your suggestion for how to use QR-Codes for Market Research to xxxx@gmail.com. The best idea will win a copy of my book.”

Would I be deluged with answers? Or, would nobody contact me?

Well, a few people contacted me, probably about ten in total, but the clear winner was from Claire Banbury, who suggestions included using them with visitors to locations (e.g. tourist locations or events) in order to link to online surveys (amongst the things that can be embedded in a QR-Code is a URL, which in turn could be a survey) and possibly using them in mystery shopping.

I will be contacting Claire to send her a copy of my book.

Having conducted this exercise my feeling is that QR-Codes will make an impact and my suspicion is that it will take an innovative brand to really get behind QR-Codes and create a 'reason' for people to want to read the codes, probably to either win something or to compete in some sort of game.