8 December 2010

NGMR Meme Competition - Today’s Submissions

NGMR Meme Competition - Today’s Submissions: "

World’s Coolest and Sexiest Researcher

Today we have an additional 5 Next Gen Market Research Meme’s being submitted from two researchers. I’m glad to see that the NGMR meme competition has already sparked similar competitions elsewhere in our industry. Imitation is after all the highest form of compliment.

Proving Cool Researchers don’t have to be male, and that in the near future statisticians may be the coolest profession, Kathrin Maas submits the NGMR Memes above and explains:

My first meme is an answer to Tom’s World’s Coolest Market Researcher named Mister NGMR. OK, I do get that NGMR - NG Mr - NG Mister world play. But come on, the world’s coolest market researcher has to be female! So here you get some cool female market researcher pictures.

But I did not only want to put up a female to compete with Mr. NGMR.

Last year, Hal Varian of Google claimed ”I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians”.

And this year, Tom De Ruyck, a winner of the AMA Marketing Research Emerging Leader Award called us to action ”We have to become sexier”

Since my pet peeves is bad data visualization, why not become a cool market researcher by presenting statistical data in a sexy way? Here we go!

I hope you like it :)

Continuing with two more submissions in the ever popular Internet Genre - Cute Kitty/lolcats Kathrin explains:

Who doesn´t know the lol cats, probably the most popular and well-known internet meme of all?

So I thought it was about time to get a cat doing some statistics. Since complex multi variate procedures are a bit far-fetched for such a feline, I thought we´d start with some basic descriptive charting techniques.

The hero of my lol cat pictures is Izi, my devon rex cat.

Yes, I know, she does look a bit weird. But her personality is great.

And she seems to be something like a data visualization prodigy. I am sure Edward Tufte would be a great fan of her.

Greetings from Germany

Finally today we also have another submission from Michelle Finzel, she calls Missing the Target.

Thank You Kathrin & Michelle.

For everyone else, we have less than 4 months left till the competition closes, so if you’ve been thinking of submitting an NGMR Meme hurry up and do so. It’s simple and fun, and your entry could win you honor, glory and the $1,000 prize! Remember, Memes can be videos as well ;) [Contest Details]


For inspiration and to see more Market Research Memes you can visit our Flickr site below.

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