7 November 2010

Are you young and talented? Interested in B2B research? Want to prove it?

Are you young and talented? Interested in B2B research? Want to prove it?: "

I am putting together a project for next year’s BIG Conference. At this stage we are looking for a group of under 28s to look into two questions:1. What is happening with social media in the B2B area?2. What are the business opportunities for market research companies to use social media to help B2B clients?The team will work together between now and the BIG Conference in May with a view to sharing their findings with the Conference attendees. We are not prescribing how the project should be conducted, nor are we saying how the information should be shared, that is for the group to determine.

We already have a couple of volunteers, but we are looking to expand the group. The core members of the group (three or four) will have one day and one night’s attendance paid for them – however, we are looking for a wider number of people to be involved in conducting the project.

Yes, we are looking for researchers, but we are also looking for other complementary backgrounds, i.e. from anybody who thinks that they can shed some light on what is happening and what the market opportunities are.

To shout out your interest, email ray.poynter@thefutureplace.com making a case to be included – before November 13th.

Please note the aim is not simply to create a conference presentation, we are looking to produce useful insight into how the MR industry can leverage social media to help B2B clients.