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Me at Correio do Minho

Portuguese Newspaper: Correio do Minho

Fascinating Social Media Facts of Year 2010 | Social Media Today

Web 2.0 Professional & Social Networking

John Stuart

If this business were split up, I would give you the land and bricks and mortar, and I would take the brands and trade marks, and I would fare better than you. John Stuart, chairman of Quaker (ca. 1900) in Lindemann, 2003

International Political Economy (USM)

Foreign trade and its importance in the economy of Iran in the international sanctions context: focus on the unilateral United States sanctions
Eduardo Oliveira* School of Social Science |University Sains Malaysia School of Economics and Management |University of Minho AbstractIran is one of the world’s most closely watched nations as a historical entity, about 2.500 years ago, of the Achaemenids Dynasty (559 to 330 BC) period. The Islamic Republic of Iran (denomination after the revolution in 1979), also know as Persia territory, as historical entity and despite political, religious, and historic dimensions of the society, Iranians maintain a deep connection to their past. The Iran’s economy is a mirror of the International Community nowadays. 
Economic policies and decision-making process in economic terms are guests from the international sanctions, particularly the unilateral sanctions from United States of America, which accuse Iran of supporting international terrorism and maintain t…

Article: Is Social Media Making Consumers Antisocial?

Article: Is Social Media Making Consumers Antisocial?: "Sites like Facebook and Twitter no menace to society"

Top 15, 10, and 5, Market Research Most Innovative!

Top 15, 10, and 5, Market Research Most Innovative!: "Introducing NGMR’s Disruptive Innovator Award Finalists
As anyone who follows this blog already knows, at IIR’s The Market Research Event (TMRE) in San Diego next week on Tuesday November 9, NGMR will present the first annual “Disruptive Innovator” awards celebrating progress-by-force in research.
Disruptive innovation is a concept that sounds intimidating because it is intimidating.
Change isn’t easy for anyone, but researchers seem to have a particularly difficult time with it.
Let’s face it: for an industry and profession that purports to help clients achieve competitive advantage by enabling them to understand and anticipate unmet consumer needs, to change ahead of the times - not simply with them - and to move the needle proactively, market research often stumbles when it comes to walking the talk ourselves.
Research is obsessed with control; it’s in our DNA. But to paraphrase comments blogged by IIR’s Marc Dresner on Tuesday,…

Are you young and talented? Interested in B2B research? Want to prove it?

Are you young and talented? Interested in B2B research? Want to prove it?: "I am putting together a project for next year’s BIG Conference. At this stage we are looking for a group of under 28s to look into two questions:1. What is happening with social media in the B2B area?2. What are the business opportunities for market research companies to use social media to help B2B clients?The team will work together between now and the BIG Conference in May with a view to sharing their findings with the Conference attendees. We are not prescribing how the project should be conducted, nor are we saying how the information should be shared, that is for the group to determine.
We already have a couple of volunteers, but we are looking to expand the group. The core members of the group (three or four) will have one day and one night’s attendance paid for them – however, we are looking for a wider number of people to be involved in conducting the project.
Yes, we are looking for researchers, …

Far from the meddling crowd

A revista The Economist, revista/jornal de informação económica mais influente do mundo, refere na sua última edição um trabalho com co-autoria de Ricardo Sousa, professor de economia na EEG/UM. O artigo é sobre o impacto da redução de despesa pública versus aumento de receita fiscal como alternativas de ataque aos défices orçamentais. Um tema bem actual na actual conjuntura. O artigo da revista The Economist segue em anexo. O working-paper referenciado pode ser encontrado em
Nota biográfica: Ricardo Sousa é licenciado e mestre em Economia pela Universidade do Minho. Doutorou-se na London School of Economics em 2008. Desde então é professor auxiliar no Departamento de Economia da EEG. Por diversas vezes colaborou com o Banco Central Europeu e o Banco de Portugal.

Master thesis abstract

Territories, Brands and Competitiveness: The Minho region and its international promotion AbstractTerritories, such as countries, regions and cities, compete with other geographical areas in order to attract investments, markets, businesses, residents, tourists, talents and entrepreneurs, as well as the hosting of cultural and sporting events.
This process is intensified with the growth of internationalization and globalization. These territories need to identify the opportunities and strengths to achieve competitive advantages for efficient access to markets, resources and people. A clear definition of place branding, developed in a consistent, cooperative way with stakeholders and as a product of a cooperative network between local, regional and national stakeholders, can promote the production base, increasing the touristic and human resource flows. Investors, citizens of different nationalities, students and researchers take part of this flow. Place branding is a new trend in marke…

Article: Social Media Increases Small-Business Exposure

Article: Social Media Increases Small-Business Exposure:
"Many small firms still hold back from social media marketing efforts"

Social Media Research workshop in London - November 5th

Social Media Research workshop in London - November 5th: "
The MRS is re-running my Social Media Workshop on November 5th, at their London offices and there are spaces available.
To find out more or to sign-up visit their website.
I will be giving away a free copy of The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research to one lucky attendee.
We have two additional speakers at the course, Marilyn Reardon from Virtual Surveys and Phil Burgess of FreshMinds.