13 October 2010

Public Sector Facebook Sites - some examples

Public Sector Facebook Sites - some examples: "

Here is a small selection of UK public sector sites on Facebook that seem to be getting at least some things right. Nobody seems to be getting everything right (which is not surprising at this stage), but we can all learn from each other by picking the best from different places.

Love My Lancashire, created by Safer Lancashire, a Community Safety Partnership, a group that combines local government, police, fire, youth agencies, and many more.

Launceston Police, Launceston is a town in Cornwall and this site is maintained by the Launceston Policing Team and allows a wide range of views to be expressed and has some very robust conversations between local citizens.

Coventry City Council, Coventry has a well-developed social media presence which includes 7 Facebook pages. The social media page of their main website is at http://www.coventry.gov.uk/ccm/content/web-admin/online-communities.en , and their main Facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/coventrycc.

West Midlands Police, a lively Facebook page with plenty of interaction with the public.

Nottingham City Transport, encourages people to subscribe via SMS so they can get the latest bus news (very useful in snowy weather!)

Belfast City Council, this Facebook page does not have many people ‘liking’ it (just over 1600), but it does have a lively set of posts and comments from the public.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, this page has a large number of people liking it and keeps providing engagement.

If you'd like to highlight other public sector Facebook pages, please add them in the comments to this post.