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Back From BrandFestival 2010

Back From BrandFestival 2010: "
Interview with Marketing Media
I just got back from BrandFestival 2010 in Budapest where I spoke on Text Analytics and ‘Next Gen’ research overall. The event theme was the New Economy including Green Marketing, but a variety of other innovations in marketing and branding were also featured. It was a great event and venue in a wonderful city. I took a few pictures of the confernce and city, but haven’t had a chance to download them yet. Fortunately the organizers of BrandFestival were good enough to send a few shots (see bottom of post).
It was interesting to learn how important TV currently is as a media vehicle locally, and how social media adoption has probably been a bit slower than I had thought. However, it is clearly growing in importance. While local SNS like Wiwi are more popular in Hungary, Facebook is catching on quickly (Not surprisingly, Twitter seems to lag).
BrandFestival and one of the foremost marketing publications in Hungary (Marketin…

Facebook language issues for the public sector in Wales

Facebook language issues for the public sector in Wales: "Under UK law, Welsh public sector sites have to be available in both English and Welsh, which is fine for webistes, but what about Facebook?
This is a question I have been asked several times over the last few days, having run a webinar on Facebook for the public sector on Thursday and workshops for the Welsh fire services on Friday and South Wales Police on Monday.The question goes right to the heart of what social media means and the loss of power it represents for organisations (be they companies, charities, or public sector).
Somebody who runs a Facebook page (e.g. the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service) can post their copy in English, Welsh, or both. However, when people post their comments they will choose which language they want to use.
I have been asked whether Facebook can be set up in Welsh? The answer is yes, but because Facebook is a Web 2.0 service, each user can decide what they want their Facebook to be (as s…

Challenge the Best - Conference Clip

14th World Business Dialogue

On March 16th and 17th, 2011, 
the University of Cologne will once again  host the internationally renowned, largest  student-run business convention – the 
World Business Dialogue (WBD) for the 14th time. 

Outstanding leaders from business, politics, and science will meet with 300 enthusiastic international students to discuss the complexity of our economic systems. At the World Business Dialogue, you will have the unique opportunity to develop optimistic solutions to deal with the demanding subject matter within workshops and panel-discussions. 

Aside from the two convention days and the Career Fair (15-03-2011) - the most exclusive recruiting event in Germany - we offer you an extraordinary supporting program during your stay. 

It takes place the day before the convention and includes multiple cultural highlights, selected company visits, and the possibility to explore the infamous nightlife of Cologne. The individual selection of the student participants will be based on your application…

Public Sector Facebook Sites - some examples

Public Sector Facebook Sites - some examples: "Here is a small selection of UK public sector sites on Facebook that seem to be getting at least some things right. Nobody seems to be getting everything right (which is not surprising at this stage), but we can all learn from each other by picking the best from different places.
Love My Lancashire, created by Safer Lancashire, a Community Safety Partnership, a group that combines local government, police, fire, youth agencies, and many more.
Launceston Police, Launceston is a town in Cornwall and this site is maintained by the Launceston Policing Team and allows a wide range of views to be expressed and has some very robust conversations between local citizens.
Coventry City Council, Coventry has a well-developed social media presence which includes 7 Facebook pages. The social media page of their main website is at , and their main Facebook page is at http://www.fa…

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