Next Gen Market Research Job Networking

Next Gen Market Research Job Networking: "

Are you looking for a next gen market research aficionado?

Check out how young Next Gen Market Researchers are leveraging new media to network on social media. Next Gen Market Research member Ben Fowler shows us he’s thinking outside the box by ‘mashing’ technologies (vimeo video and LinkedIn Groups - Jobs Tab on the NGMR LinkedIn discussion board).

Ben Fowler - Aspiring Market Research Aficionado from Ben Fowler on Vimeo

The Next Gen Market Research group (NGMR) on LinkedIn, now with well over 9,000 members, originally did not allow membership to recruiters. However, because of the great recession, starting in 2008 we began allowing recruiters to join the group as long as job related posts were kept in the jobs tab. I understand we now have a healthy market research job search community of consisting of both recruiters and applicants who use that part of the board.

God luck Ben, a great way to think out of the box and get noticed!



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