12 September 2010

14th World Business Dialogue - News (TOPIC)

As the economy is getting back on track after the century's toughest financial and economic crisis, the 14th World Business Dialogue wants to disclose the causes underneath the surface and examines the phenomenon of complexity as one key trigger. The last decade's fast and dynamic incidences and developments provoke immense challenges for the world's population, as well as politics and the economy. Increasingly complex systems and processes shore up this trend/the scene.
Often it is up to very few people in key positions who know about multilayer and complex correlations and make decisions with substantial consequences for companies, states and even the world economy.
Therefore, the 14th World Business Dialogue aims at analysing complexity and complex systems and elaborating on future prospects. Key topics for a profound discussion about complexity are:

Which requirements for managers and leaders are claimed by the "global village" and the challenges of our time? How can interconnections in the globalized world be organized and navigated? Entrepreneurs and managers are central actors within the complex economic system. Modern value added chains generate networks of companies that are crucial competitors in contrast to former singular companies in rivalry.
The European Union is, on the one hand, the worlds most successful project of regional integration and gained enormous power in international politics and economics. On the other hand, the decision about Greece's future demonstrates how complex and
intransparent interdependencies are within the union. It is not evident, who is responsible for which decisions. How can interests and different standpoints of political and business actors be united and accommodated in the end?

Social Media are named a range of digital media that function as platform for exchange, especially exchange of opinions and experience associated with a remarkable boom. Therefore, the resulting influence on target groups awakens interest from politics and businesses that see their public relations' success more and more in the cheep and effective use of social media. How will modern communication develop, especially once the so called digital natives enter the business world?

The 14th World Business Dialogue wants to approach the phenomenon complexity and elaborate on these questions. It is crucial to identify chances and risks and their significance for us and our future.