1 August 2010

Police Forces and Facebook

Police Forces and Facebook: "

A growing amount of my work in the UK is with the public sector, for example helping them explore how they can use social media to engage and consult the public. As part of that role I have been conducting research into who is doing what and I have produced a brief Snapshot Report looking at the Facebook pages of police forces in England and Wales.

You can read a copy of the report here Download Police Forces and Facebook July 2010

This Snapshot Report is not a piece of analysis, it is simply a listing of 27 police forces, their main website, their 'official' Facebook presence, and the number of people connected to them (i.e. the sort of thing I would have found useful when I was starting my research).

I am aiming to release a number of additional Snapshot Reports over the next few weeks looking at police authorities and fire services, and to extend the coverage of the reports to Twitter and perhaps YouTube.

I am sure there are mistakes. Even determining whether a Facebook page is 'official' or not can be tricky. Please let me know about any corrections, additions, or suggestions.