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Bridging the gap between climate and society

Essay at Challenge the Best "Bridging the gap between climate and society" (Oliveira, Eduardo 2010)
The planet is not ours; it is the treasure we hold in trust for future generations. (Kofi Annan, President of the Global Humanitarian Forum, January 2009)
I the line of Solana (2009), the climate change will not be addressed by international agreements alone, like the last Climate Conference in Copenhagen (2009). The issues run much deeper than that. This is a “man-made problem” which puts our very way of life in many uncertain questions. Formulating a response requires many actors to come together - not just politicians and diplomats, but scientists, business people, ecologists, students, entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, and leaders in many other fields. The main goal of this essay is writing about the key-factors of the climate change and the potential impact in society: environment; business; economy; communities in the globalization context. The emergent phenomenon of clim…



Maja Konecnik Ruzzier
19 November 2009

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WBD 2010

The current literature, like Avraham & Ketter (2008) and White (2006), offers an extensive discourse in the field of crisis in general and the role of the media during crisis in particular. This contribution, to the “crisis demands” discussion, explores the various dimensions of a place image crisis, such as countries, regions and cities and different strategies to overcome it, from the place marketing perspective. Following the discussion of place marketing, place image and consumer behaviour, different aspects of crises and ways of handling will be considered.

Oliveira, Eduardo 2010


eco-bio-freedom in order to improve the change...


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Do you need a 101 on how to use social media for market research?

Do you need a 101 on how to use social media for market research?: "Conferences are great for getting a sense of what is going on, but they tend to leave you wondering about how to actually get started. If you are new to social media research where should you start, what are the top ten tips, what are the pitfalls to watch out for?

On June 8 I am running an all day workshop for the MRS on exactly this topic. I will be leading the day and I have a couple of top notch experts lined-up to join me.

Remember, places are limited, so if you want to get started on the social media path, book soon.

To find out more about the course click here (you can book online).

I also offer in-house training on social media and market research and from September anybody booking an in-house course will get a copy of my book Handbook of Online and Social Media Research - however I am just about fully booked until late September. "