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The Recession is Over

The Recession is Over: "
I got a sales email today entitled “Leadership in a Recession..Guide to getting the most out of your employees”. I think they’re a little late with that message. While the last 2 years have been lackluster, Q1 was really good for Anderson Analytics. So far in April I really feel that the attitudes of clients I speak with have completely changed for the better.
They are once again interested in new techniques like text analytics and of course social media, whereas just four months ago it was very much “we’re only doing what is absolutely necessary”. Clients once again are interested in doing next gen market research in order to get an Information Advantage over their competition. Wonderful!
Are others experiencing this too?
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Challenge the Best - I´m IN

"Hello Eduardo, we congratulate you on being selected as one of the
forty student-participants for “Challenge the Best” at the University
of St.Gallen!"...

ESOMAR Offshoring Transparency Debate

ESOMAR Offshoring Transparency Debate: "
The current issue of ESOMAR Research World is largely about one of the biggest trends in market research to occur during the past 10 years. No it’s not about Social Media, DIY, or any other cool new methodology like text mining. It’s about much larger yet much quieter trend, offshoring.
As part of April issue the FTO (Foundation for Transparency in Offshoring) was allowed to submit a 800 word by-lined article about the organization and it’s mission. Two responses/rebuttals to the article are also published in the issue, including one from Diane Bowers of CASRO. ESOMAR members can click the image below to log in and read the entire issue.

For others who are interested I’ve posted the FTO article and two responses below. I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this important issue, so feel free to comment after reading. We have been promised an official stance in regard to the FTO from ESOMAR, and I will post it here on the blog …

What happens if the ash stays over Europe for a year?

What happens if the ash stays over Europe for a year?: "One of the standard parts of futurism is to conduct mind experiments to explore scenarios. At the moment there are no air flights over most of Northern Europe, because of volcanic ash. The ash is being caused by a eruptions in Iceland, at the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano.According to the news services it seems the most likely event is that it will clear up over the next few days and things will get back to normal, but with a massive, further, hit to the profits of airlines.But what if it does not clear up? The last time this volcano erupted was 1821, and that time it lasted for a year. So, perhaps we should consider 3 scenarios:It clears up in a few days and does not return. This would simply make it like a bad weather incident, or a strike. It would have few long term implications.It clears up, but returns for a few days at a time for a year or two. This would start to chip away at Europe’s standing in the world. Businesses, c…

You still have one month to apply for SABF

You still have one month to apply for SABF: "Along the following post, we provide you with essential and useful information for all of those who want to take part of an amazing experience. We have introduced links for each of the subtopics you may be interested in.

We really hope this is useful for you and we are available for further doubts and inquires.
The South American Business Forum (SABF) is an event that takes place annually in Buenos Aires for 3 days in the month of August. Each year the forum receives 100 outstanding university students from around the world, together with 40 leaders of business, political and academic areas.

The event will explore topics of global relevance and particularly applicable to the reality of South America. We expect that, through dialogue and the interaction between the current leaders and the future leaders, a contribution to the development of the region can be made.
Who we are

Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), Buenos Aires, A…