13 March 2010

How to reach women with social media

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How to reach women with social media
Posted Mar 12th, 2010 at 10:39 PM and seen 2589 times

Over on his blog Next Gen Market Research, Tom H. C. Anderson offers 10 fascinating tips on women and social media. Here are just a few:

* Invite in: Women are 3X less likely to care about the size of their network than men. Size may not matter but being shown personal attention does.
* Understand who you’re talking to: 74% post pictures [of women] of family/friends and 71% talk about what they’re doing now as opposed to 60% and 58% for men.
* Talk rather than target: When women are online, 50% are connecting with family and friends, reading someone else’s blog or posting a comment. They’re socializing so shouldn’t you?

Read the full story at tomhcanderson.com.