23 February 2010

How do you see the market research industry evolving and how can you contribute to it?

The market research industry needs to be at the front of information and communication technologies. One of its major challenges is to understand consumer latent needs for new products and services which, ultimately, aim at improving the life quality of consumers in general. As we can read from ESOMAR web page “research provides ethical, responsible and creative to lead the way for better decisions, better results and a better world". I believe that a large part of the market research industry will be absorbed into the open-source, like internet, and other technologies to know consumers in a variety of consumers’ contexts. The application of new technologies can help researchers to collect reliable and update data in a non-intrusive way.

In my opinion, the market research industry is becoming competitive, particularly in a context in which markets are increasingly globalised. Today, most people have a PDA, mobile or desktop computer with more competing power then thought possible few years ago. These devices are crucial to manage knowledge, the complexity and large amount of information. 
Another characteristic is the way how information is easily spread. New patterns of consumer behaviour and the new tendencies in shopping around the globe are constantly in progress and pose completely different new challenges. 

My background is in the geography, tourism, regional economy, and marketing. My main goal is to understand the social network and special events in cities and tourism destinations. Social network geographies have a crucial role in this process. With my academic experience, I can bring a different perspective to marketing research and give may contribution to an ethical, responsible and creative market research.

Oliveira, Eduardo (2009)