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Next friday at Braga place branding conference


Start off your day right with a bowl of "Marketing Knowledge"

Qué Es El Page Rank De Google y Cómo Afecta Mi Sitio?Qué es  El PageRank? El Page Rank  es un  algoritmo (programa computacional) creado y patentado  por Google que califica de 1 a 10  la importancia de una página web,   basado en el número y calidad  de enlaces o links externos que apuntan hacia un  sitio web, es decir, Google interpreta un enlace de la página A a la página B como un voto, de A a B. Lo que quiere decir que entre más links publicados tenga  su sitio web en otros sitios (blogs, Social Media, Directorios, foros etc.), más votos tendrá y, por lo tanto un mejor Page Rank. (...) Consejo #1: Publica  contenido fresco y original que contengan palabras claves, las cuales ayudarán  a aumentar el número de visitas en el sitio. Para esto, puedes aportar con artículos, videos, fotos etc… No necesariamente debes ser un experto escritor sino más bien creativo que implemente una temática que sepas y  que guste a un público especifico. Consejo #2: Da de alta a tu siti…

How do you see your career unfolding and what are your aspirations?

I have many aspirations for the years to come. I like quite a lot to learn new things, and to work with strong leading institutions in order to contribute for a better world. My desire is to continue my academic experience, either in Portugal or in an European University, in a PhD Marketing programme. The subject of my research project is to study consumer behaviour in cities. Therefore, I want to investigate the new tendencies of global cities and discover what are the residents’ and the consumers’ needs. I like marketing place, city branding, building a brand for the city. Understanding the importance of the social networks in order to improve the cities’ attraction is a must. This topic is important because it involves the cooperation among diverse entities, such as universities, public services, and the tourism industry. I am a graduate in Geography and Regional Planning from the University of Minho. I have an advanced-graduation in MSc in Tourism and Regional Development from the…

What are in your opinion the necessary skills for market researchers in the present environment?

The main skills of market research analysts comprises collecting, organising and interpreting data from local, regional, national or other global areas in order identify potential customers with different psychographic and sociographic profiles. They need to combine expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods in order to understand a complex and diverse reality.

The most relevant tasks are related with collection and analysis of market information, identification of market trends and market segmentation. No one doubts that this field is one of the most challenging tasks available today.

Oliveira, Eduardo (2009) @ ESOMAR CONGRESS 2009

How do you see the market research industry evolving and how can you contribute to it?

The market research industry needs to be at the front of information and communication technologies. One of its major challenges is to understand consumer latent needs for new products and services which, ultimately, aim at improving the life quality of consumers in general. As we can read from ESOMAR web page “research provides ethical, responsible and creative to lead the way for better decisions, better results and a better world". I believe that a large part of the market research industry will be absorbed into the open-source, like internet, and other technologies to know consumers in a variety of consumers’ contexts. The application of new technologies can help researchers to collect reliable and update data in a non-intrusive way.

In my opinion, the market research industry is becoming competitive, particularly in a context in which markets are increasingly globalised. Today, most people have a PDA, mobile or desktop computer with more competing power then thought possible…

ESOMAR Congress 2009


This week we have a 1/1 page ad in the global edition of BusinessWeek 13th WBD


Public images and media images of places

Eli Avraham and Eran Ketter, 2008

"Many researchers have written about the effect of television shows
and films on the image of countries, cities and tourist destinations.
Most people have not visited many of the places, so one of their main
sources of knowledge of the world is what they see in films and
television (Weimann, 2000). Numerous examples exist of places that
have been negatively affected by television shows, especially those
that focus on police officers, homicide detectives, violence, poverty
and social problems.

One unusual example of such an effect is a
complaint by Rio de Janeiro city officials claiming that the episode
of The Simpsons which “took place” in the city portrays it as unsafe,
violent and dirty, overrun by rats and monkeys, where tourists are
kidnapped for ransom (Yediot Acharonot, 10 April 2002).

Similar examples
can be found in the study by Avraham (2003a) where he presents
several cities and neighborhoods that have been adversely affected
by their p…

Social Networks Manager Application

Social Networks Manager ApplicationJob Description
Organizing for America, the successor organization to Obama for America, is building on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering communities across the country to organize around the issues they care most about. The Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America is hiring a Social Networks Manager The Social Networks Manager is responsible for maintaining the Democratic Party and Organizing for America accounts on all social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts, etc.) The Social Networks Manager works closely with the rest of the New Media department to execute grassroots campaigns to advance the President’s agenda for change.
Excellent writing and editing skills with strong attention to detail; your writing is strong, sharp, and personableStrong organizing and campaigning instincts; you can craft messages that move people to act, and you know what actions will achieve the rig…

University of Minho


Next in Social Media Market Research

Next in Social Media Market Research: "Passing the Research Baton to the ConsumerWhen I saw the new Tempur-Pedic commercial on TV just now I thought it was fantastic. From Anderson Analytics’ research on social media I know that today’s consumers get their product info from social media. Discussion boards and social networks are valued even more than friend and family opinions.
Enter Temour-Pedics commercial. Basically, “don’t trust us, do your own online research”. Great! In the near future perhaps the market for blog mining tools etc. will not be corporate PR departments, but end consumers?
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