7 January 2010

Market Research Professionals Top Websites, Blogs and Training Seminars

Market Research Professionals Top Websites, Blogs and Training Seminars: "

Adding a couple more tables today from the NGMR study which we will be releasing tomorrow. The Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn and Quirks seem to be our favorite business websites. Top 10 business websites among market researchers listed below.

I was happy but not surprised given the sample to see that this blog, Next Gen market Research (www.tomhcanderson.com), made the top 5 market research blogs list. Seth Godin took the clear lead, he seems to be the top business guru among both senior marketing executives as well as among market researchers. Interestingly we’re currently working on a survey to explore why.

Tech Crunch, Nigel Hollis and Mashable are also top-5 blogs. While many

(34%) answered this question, indicating market researchers do read blogs, the responses were really everywhere. Perhaps not surprising given the number of blogs on different topics to choose from.

The final table for today shows preferred training seminars. I’m glad to see that my favorite training company, Burke Institute, came in at first place. I really do think they have some of the best training on advanced analytics such as multivariate and conjoint/discrete choice. I wasn’t aware of #2 RIVA but will definitely look into them.

A PowerPoint deck summarizing the other survey findings will be posted either here on this blog and/or on www.nextgenmr.com tomorrow.


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